Speeki solutions for due diligence requests

New supplier and partner onboarding solutions

New suppliers, vendors and partners generally require some reviews and approvals before being allowed into the master list. The sooner the review is started and any due diligence is kicked off, the better. The Speeki App provides a simple way to get those instructions moving and provide the team with what is needed to move the process along quickly.
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How it works

Interacting with new suppliers or third parties is common for many employees. The Speeki App allows that employee to quickly kick off the onboarding process directly from their mobile phone.

Set up and deploy new vendor forms

Speeki Survey lets you build highly flexible onboarding templates. Use the system to build different options for different third parties and have these deployed out to the Speeki App on every requester's mobile device.


Allow users to complete new vendor forms through their phones

Users of the Speeki App can complete the entire new vendor request through their mobile device or a web application, including uploading documents and photos and requesting approvals – no printing, scanning or signing required.


Follow up, respond and track

Your team can receive requests, action them and respond to the submitter directly via the Speeki Platform. You can also follow up or communicate the outcome of any completed due diligence.

Why use the Speeki Platform to request the onboarding of new vendors and suppliers?

No development.
Mobile ready.

  • Simple. A request system can be set up and deployed out to the Speeki App in minutes. You can have different forms for different vendors, suppliers or partners. Both of these things also make it simpler for the user.
  • No development. There is no development needed, just the preparation of the questionnaire used for the request. Create and edit as many questionnaires as you like.
  • Mobile ready. The system is built and integrated into the Speeki App. Any user of the Speeki App can complete a request and send it off from their mobile device – no need to find their laptop or go into the office.
Feature Snapshot

Flexibility and ease of implementation are our trademarks at Speeki

Deploy and wait
Build your request forms and then deploy them. When someone wants to request approval, they just click on the form from their Speeki App.
Get requests flowing quickly
The sooner a request to add a supplier starts, the sooner it can be actioned. Speeki allows you to speed up the process by allowing people in the field to start the process and get things moving as soon as they are aware there is a new supplier offering.
Use the submitted data
Once the data is submitted by the user in the Speeki App, you have all the information at your fingertips in the Speeki Platform to conduct your due diligence initiatives.
Upload photos and other documents
Users can upload documents, files or anything to speed up the review process. They can easily snap a photo of a registration document and submit it all from their device.
Integrate with other solutions
Through APIs, Speeki can integrate with and send data to due diligence applications. Contact us to learn more.
Build in your policy and guidance
You can send out instructions at the start of the request form, guiding people on how to respond and what your policies are.
Build your own forms
Create and deploy as many forms as you like, simply and without further expense.
Mobile ready
The forms are pushed to the users' Speeki Apps ready for review and action. Everything is built mobile ready.
Language ready
Build your surveys in multiple languages and use Speeki’s built-in translation ability to help understand requests.
Ready-made forms available
Quickly deploy forms based on our built-in templates.
Our solution is simple. Don’t over complicate your system with complex algorithms until you are ready and have the high volume.
Track everything
Everything is tracked in your Speeki Platform, creating a full audit trail for future reference.

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