Complete managed services for supplier qualification and on-boarding

Speeki knows how challenging it is to assess new suppliers against the myriad of ESG issues that are now being mandated by governments. Our innovative approach offers a full-suite solution to qualification and on-boarding. In short, we will do it for you.

You provide the name, contact information, location and the products/solutions you are buying from the supplier and we handle the rest. All for a fixed price and a fixed time frame. It is that simple.

Speeki is here to help you qualify your suppliers against ESG issues for a fixed fee. We have three levels of solutions for each supplier.


Speeki Qualify - Gold is our highest level of supplier qualification.

Speeki Qualify Gold includes the following key elements:

- direct engagement with the supplier by phone to identify their services, assess risk and build a risk matrix
- supplier completes assigned Speeki Assessments (based on the qualification risk matrix) on key risk areas identified (up to 4 assessments, e.g human rights, waste management, anti-corruption, information security)
- screening of the entity and all key principals against databases
- media screening, social media review of the company
- scorecard of assessment results completed by the supplier
- annexure of additional clauses for your contracts, ready to insert should you wish to go forward

Overwhelmed by the lack of a unified approach to ESG reporting?

Lacking experience in drafting reports that aren’t financial?

Many organisations and team members are new to sustainability reporting and non-financial data reports for ESRS, IFRS and more. Speeki steps in to assist by offering expertise in compliance programmes and effective compilation of reports, ensuring your reports meet the required standards.

Lacking experience in drafting reports that aren’t financial?

Struggling to gather data and communicate with stakeholders?

Speeki simplifies the process by providing tools for efficient data collection and stakeholder communication. Whether it's health and safety, data privacy protection or human rights, our platform offers strategies to reach out, communicate effectively and gather essential information for reporting disclosures.

Struggling to gather data and communicate with stakeholders?

Speeki Qualify: your comprehensive supplier qualification system for ESG

Trying to onboard a supplier these days is tough. You can ask the supplier 1000's of questions and try and be an expert on all of the answers, or, you can let the Speeki team (the experts in ESG and onboarding suppliers for over 15 years) help you qualify and onboard that supplier with ONLY the right amount of focus on the RIGHT areas.

We are focused precisely on the risk to you of engaging this supplier. Not theoretical. Actual risk.

We reach out to the supplier and talk to them. We want to unedrstand them a little more. What they do, how they operate, what they are providing and form an initial assessment on what risks ma exist and how to identify and manage them.

We provide a scorecard and remedial steps on how the supplier's ESG impacts you and their supply.

The supplier provides us some information on a targted area that is relevant based on what  they are doing for you. They are not asked to provide data or submit information for no reason. They are targeted to specific areas and topics that are essential

Ready made assessments that are relevant, tailored and useful. Suppliers shouldn't have to provide endless data.

We have assessment and a scoring system across 20 different areas across ESG. Not only do they provide a scorecard but a map on how to get better. Providing this value to your supplier is exactly what they need and what you want to manage your risk.

We provide Answers. Solutions. Scorecards. Guidance for both you and your supplier on managing risk.

Our team are experts at country risk, ESG risks and knowing how to conduct due diligence. Our team know what to look for, how to conduct an assessment and how to plan remedial steps. We provide very clear answers with remedial actions that you can take internally or with your supplier to manage any residual risk.

Speeki’s approach to supplier qualification allows you to focus on what you do best: supplier selection and ultimate onboarding.
We handle the rest.

Allow Speeki to be the experts in supplier qualfication and being an advisor to you and the supplier on how to manage residual risks around ESG.

Focus on what you do best and outsource the rest.

Our focus is supplier qualification. We qualify each supplier against your requirements and best practices in over 20+ ESG and sustainabilty risk areas. We do the hard work on qualification and give you time for recruitment, selection, contracting and onboarding. We have the expertise to assess each supplier effectively and provide useful guidance and answers. We know our markets, the challenges in each of them and have built comprehensive risk models that we apply to each review.

Our approach is identifying and managing risk in the supplier. We are experts at providing guidance on managing ESG issues in the supply chain.

Unless your team are experts at human rights, modern day slavery, health & safety, information security, data privacy, anti-bribery, whistleblowing, governance, workplace practices, waste management, pollution controls, and climate change, then you probably are not qualified to assess information in a supplier quickly or effectively. We have the depth of talent and automated processes to assess these issues to help guide your qualification and onboarding.

Our solutions are tailored to the exact supplier providing the specific supply. There is no point to focus on irrelevant issues and annoy your supply chain with endless questions.

Many companies are having each supplier complete 100's of questions, mostly irrelevant to what they are supplying. Even worse, when it comes to reviewing that information, they are mostly ignoring the answers, conducting a cursory completeness check or not appreciating the risk posed in the answers. All of this highlights the challenge of conducting supplier qualification when you are considering so many issues all at the one time. You need experts.

Our pricing is per supplier. Fixed price. Very clear and easily managed. You decide the level of service you want for each supplier. Some you may prefer our Platinum level of qualification, others, far more simple. You decide.

We charge per supplier according to the levels purchased. To make things easier, we charge clients a bulk package and they simply 'draw down' credits against that purchase. It saves the admin time of administration and allows both of us to manage our time on what matters: making sure that the suppliers that you engage with are properly qualified.

We recognise that time is of the essence and that we have deadlines to meet. We will work with you to agree an SLA on the pieces that we can control.

The qualification process is often stuck in between supplier selection and contracting. It is a tough time to add in an additional time consuming process. We appreciate the need to be quick and provide effective solutions during this window of time. While responses from the supplier area bit out of our control, we will do everything we can to move it along quickly and will agree with you some time limits.

We provide answers to you and the supplier. It is important that the supplier get the feedback from their qualification experience. Its the only way they can learn and improve.

Most supplier qualification processes give very little feedback to the supplier. The supplier gives a lot of information and then hears very little by way of feedback. We believe there is a great opportunity for your supplier qualification process to not only communicate your expectations to the supplier but also provide them guidance on how they can drive improvement in managing risk.

Mapped to your risk tolerance

Operate focus risk areas separately while monitoring them collectively. Whether managing broad ESG risk areas (up to 19) or customising your own, our platform accommodates varied team structures and ensures streamlined data gathering for reporting.

It is unlikely you can manage all the ESG risks in your supplier onboarding.
Speeki’s got you covered.

From human rights, environmental, corruption, sanctions, and more. We have the skills to drive your qualification process.


At Speeki, we recognise that managing risk in the supply chain is not only a business imperative but it is also a legal one with new regulations requiring more supplier due diligence and qualification. We have a range of solutions to help manage risk in the supply chain and our services for supplier qualification is at the heart of these solutions.

Ramp up your supplier qualification process with Speeki and let us help you manage ESG risks in your suppliers

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