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Speeki Interactive

Engaging courseware for business and compliance

Speeki Interactive is an advanced set of courseware for engaging employees, third parties, suppliers and other stakeholders about business & compliance issues.
Short Course •  Animated Scene •  Real World Examples
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See Speeki Interactive at work

Speeki has built a real office environment, real characters, real sets and real life examples to walk through issues that people have every-day in managing in a Compliant Environment.

Social engineering and fraud

Learn how simple it is to lose your data and breach data protection laws.

Claiming business lunches with integrity

Claiming business lunches with integrity. It is not always easy when someone orders the Osso Bucco with a side of champagne

Charitable donations

Charitable Donations may not always be charitable. Learn how to recognise when a charitable donation could be seen as a bribe.

Speaking at conference overseas

Speaking at conference overseas? Do you have approval? Don’t fall into the trap of talking at a conference overseas without considering your export control policies.

Real life examples

Increase learner engagement

By delivering relevant content and real-world scenarios, you will increase learner engagement and retention of important compliance topics.
The next evolution of corporate training

Responsibility-based training

Our belief at Speeki is that you can maximise your training efforts by delivering only relevant content to your diverse, global workforce.
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  • Maximise your training efforts
    Deliver targeted responsibility-based content, to each employee saves time and improves your bottom line. It simply makes sense.
  • Real world scenario
    Speeki designs the courseware based on the issues that someone in a company experiences everyday, rather than on certain 'topics'.
  • Easy to absorb
    Speeki Interactive courseware is broken up into small bit sized pieces to allow learners to absorb the issues that are being communicated in the training.
  • D-A-R-T methodology
    In the short future, Speeki, through our digital compliance officer assistant, Nicole, can also work on assignment of courseware under our D-A-R-T methodology (Dynamics Assignment of Relevant Training).

Speeki Interactive Features

The Speeki Interactive has an advanced set of courseware that helps companies to engage their employees and stakeholders with real life examples, developed by compliance professionals and subject matter experts.
Engaging content
Speeki Interactive contains highly engaging animations and content developed by trained lawyers and seasoned compliance professionals.
Easy to absorb
Easy to understand and relevant for all levels across a company from the lunchroom to the board room.
Closed caption
We used closed caption as well as voice options.
Keep learner motivated
Some interactivity with options, games, choices, and mini choice scenarios to engage the learner.
Consistent characters and settings
Consistent approach throughout with the same characters and settings to allow the learner to get to know the characters and follow the issues like following a mini series on televisions.
Multiple languages supported
Our languages include Cantonese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Portuguese – Brasil, Russian, Spanish - Latin America, Spanish – Spain, Thai, Vietnamese
Mobile friendly
Depending on your LMS and how it operates, our content is all available on a mobile device and optimised for small screens.
Content created by expert
The Speeki team developing the content includes a global team of training experts includes former in-house compliance professionals, lawyers, attorneys and other subject matter and training experts.

Speeki Interactive Custom

Speeki Interactive also offers clients that want specific content to have a courses developed from scratch.
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  • Request custom modification based on existing content
  • Fully customisation leveraging our existing characters, styles, and base content
  • Content reviewed by training subject matter experts
  • Custom courseware supported by technology experts

Pricing for Speeki Interactive

Speeki Interactive is available through your company Learning Management System (LMS), or if you don't have one, we can provide one to you for an additional charges. The pricing below does not include hosting and managing LMS.


If you have no more than 250 learners. Full access to all courses in one language only. Your LMS.

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Ideal for businesses with up to 2,000 learners. Full access to all courses in all languages. Your LMS.

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$9,500 - $75,000/yr

More than 2,000 but less than 75,000 learners? Full access to all courses in all languages. Your LMS.

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Custom development or >75,000 learners. Access courses in all/create new languages.

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