Compliance Reporting and Stakeholder Engagement

Still using outdated Compliance Reporting hotlines? We've moved past that.

Our powerful AI-powered platform makes compliance reporting faster, easier and simpler than ever. Ensure compliance and engage all stakeholders for invaluable insights that drives actionable change.
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Speeki® is built for companies that...

number 1
... are frustrated with the long processing and waiting times of traditional whistleblower hotlines
number 2
.... find current compliance reporting to be too complicated and difficult to navigate
number 3
.... are tired of opaque quotations with expensive pricing and various hidden fees
number 4
.... want to improve their work culture and create happier, more satisfied, and more loyal employees

Compliance Reporting

Enjoy control over your compliance reporting procedures with all the compliance AI tools you need in one place
  • Meet compliance standards easily
  • Automate case assignments for an easy and seamless workflow
  • Track reports in one single view to ensure effective follow up
  • Detect areas of concern before they become problems
  • Self-configure the platform to fit your organisation's operations and workflows
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Speeki eLine - automated telephone channel for reporting misconduct

Speeki eLine

The fastest way to make a report - one of Speeki Messaging's key features. Speeki eLine is an Speeki's automated telephone channel for you to quickly and simply conduct reports.
  • Multilingual support
  • Anonymity guaranteed
  • Eliminated inconsistencies and errors
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Stakeholder Engagement

Source honest and actionable insights that drive growth
  • Actively create more touchpoints to engage your stakeholders
  • Better understand your stakeholders' needs and concerns
  • Decrease employee turnover
  • Enjoy easier talent recruitment
  • Improve your work culture
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Security is our first priority

It's a safe space, literally

The platform has all the security, privacy, and reliability you need
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  • Meet compliance standards
  • ISO27001 practices
  • Encryption for data in-transit and at-rest
  • Uses the most secure AES-256 encryption
  • Assured anonymity in any dialogue
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Powered by AI

Let our virtual agent Nicole - powered by IBM Watson - seamlessly guide you through all compliance reporting procedures
  • Supports over 100 languages
    Transcend all cultures and languages with smart, instantaneous translations.
  • Freedom to configure
    A highly customisable platform tailored to your needs
  • Capture all relevant details
    An interactive and engaging approach that leads the reporter to provide all crucial information.

Choose your plan

If you need help choosing a plan, please contact us.


The Lite plan is designed for smaller sized organisations with 3 dedicated case manager licenses.

  • $2,780 per year
  • Unlimited usage
    Unlimited reporting usage from employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.
  • 3 users
    Dedicated licenses to access the case management platform.
  • App + Web
  • 100+ languages

The Small plan is designed for medium sized organisations with 6 dedicated case manager licenses.

  • $6,600 per year
  • Everything in Lite, plus
  • 6 users
  • Report on users' behalf
    Add report on behalf of reporter.
  • Unlimited workflows
    Automated reporting rules & case assignment.

The Large plan is designed for larger sized organisations with 12 dedicated case manager licenses.

  • Starting at $13,800 per year
  • Everything in Small, plus
  • 12 users
  • Regional permissions
    Advanced permissions to control case access by region.
  • Analytics
speeki custom pricing
A custom plan can be tailored for larger case management teams of 25 users and more. We can custom interview questions, workflow, and branding. If you are a non-profit, a start-up or an educational organisation, please contact us for dedicated pricing.
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Meeting compliance regulations has never been easier
"Speeki is more than just a whistleblower hotline, it allows you to engage your stakeholders for honest and actionable insights that ensure compliance and drive effective growth. We believe that Speeki changes the game in compliance reporting and whistleblowing by putting the power into the hands of the reporters, allowing them to use an app on their mobile phones to give feedback, report issues and engage with company management"
Scott Lane
CEO of Speeki Pte Ltd