Enhance your speak-up culture with an employee feedback tool

Speeki Survey

Speeki Survey allows you to assess your employees’ knowledge, attitudes and commitment towards ethics and integrity to ensure your compliance programme stays effective and aids your company’s growth.

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Speeki survey dashboard
  • Enrich your compliance culture and engage all employees and stakeholders
  • Better understand your stakeholders' needs and concerns
  • Improve your compliance programme through regular gap analyses between desired and current practices

We believe that our people are our most important asset

Create happier, more satisfied and more loyal stakeholders.
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Key administration features

Collect anonymous feedback and generate invaluable insights with real-time data.

Easy configuration
Easily tailor the service to meet your unique needs
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Streamline communications
Consolidate all communications with employees and stakeholders in one system
See the big picture
Real-time dashboard to track progress, enabling you to perform timely follow-ups with your audience
Easily develop and customise surveys that serve your challenges and needs
Simple and intuitive interfaces to help organise data and create powerful insights
Securely designed
Secure and reliable system to house survey data and information

Key features for employees and third party stakeholders

Don’t just collect feedback. Turn data into invaluable insights that enrich your business and human resources strategies.
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Easy to get started
Simple sign up through a mobile
app or web portal
number 2
Simple visualisation
Intuitive UI for answering and submitting surveys
number 3
Stay informed
Receive instant notifications for efficient responses
number 4
Survey and report misconduct in one platform
Use the same login as the whistleblowing reporting system and users can choose to remain anonymous in both services
Start navigating your employees' voices today

Source transformative insights from your stakeholders to drive growth for your business

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