Jenna Kim

Product Director
Jenna, Product Director at Speeki, is a market-proven product manager of compliance and legal technology solutions, with over ten years' experience in the compliance and legal industry. Jenna's visionary insights have already brought several game-changing concepts to the risk analysis and database markets, and global multi-billion-dollar companies have used these solutions to gain operational efficiencies and build databases. Jenna's innovative workpieces include bringing an AI-driven hotline solution to the market, demonstrating how technology can adapt to modern lifestyles to better enforce organisations' internal control systems. Jenna is also a professional fraud investigator and certified compliance officer, conducting third-party audits and investigations, as well as compliance training. Jenna is a thought leader and advocate for compliance, having previously been a lead editor of Compliance Insider magazine, producing numerous articles, whitepapers and infographics. Before moving into the compliance and technology markets, Jenna spent more than ten years leading successful launches for multiple well-known global consumer brands across Asia-Pacific. She was also an honoured speaker and adviser, providing market insights to CEOs and executives and advising them on market strategies.
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