ESG assurance under the CSRD and ESRS

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ESG assurance under the CSRD and ESRS

The European Union's Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is ushering in a new era of corporate transparency. By mandating the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), the CSRD aims to create a standardised and reliable framework for companies to disclose their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.

However, accurate and transparent reporting alone is not sufficient. To instil true confidence in stakeholders, independent verification through ESG assurance is crucial. This article will explore the role of ESG assurance under the CSRD and ESRS, highlighting its importance, key considerations, and the benefits it offers.

What is ESG assurance?

ESG assurance is a process conducted by independent third-party assurance providers to verify the accuracy and reliability of a company's ESG information. It involves reviewing a company's sustainability report, internal controls and data collection processes to assess whether the information presented is fair, accurateand consistent with the ESRS. Speeki is now offering these services through its European subsidiary in France, Speeki Europe. With a more than ten-year history ofcertifying companies on governance issues, Speeki is perfectly positioned to help companies with their assurance needs.

Why is ESG assurance important under the CSRD and ESRS?

The CSRD's focus on standardised reporting and greater transparency creates a significant need for assurance. Investors, lenders, consumers and other stakeholders increasingly demand reliable ESG data to make informed decisions. ESG assurance independently confirms a company's sustainability claims, enhancing trust and credibility.

Key considerations for ESG assurance under the CSRD and ESRS

• Assurance standard

The CSRD initially requires limited assurance; however, the expectation is to move towards reasonable assurance in the future. Companies should choose an assurance provider with expertise in both the ESRS and the chosen assurance standard. Speeki has expertise in the underlying content areas and management systems, and is an experienced accredited certification company.

• Materiality assessment

The ESRS require companies to report on material ESG issues that significantly impact their business and stakeholders. Assurance providers must assess the company's materiality assessment to ensure completeness and accuracy. Speeki has the skills to identify and appreciate hidden risks in businesses. The ability to understand business and the way that ESG risks impact business will be essential for assurance projects.

• Scope of assurance

Companies can engage in assurance for their entire ESG report or for specific sections. The scope of assurance should be clearly defined and disclosed in the report. Speeki can provide assurance on all or parts of your ESG reporting systems.

• Reporting framework

Assurance providers should use recognised reporting frameworks, such as the International Standard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE) 3000 and its derivatives. Speeki, as an accredited ISO certification body, also applies the ISAE 3000 principles to its certification projects.

Benefits of ESG report assurance

• Enhanced credibility and stakeholder trust

Independent assurance provides a valuable seal of approval for a company's ESG performance, enhancing its credibility and reputation among stakeholders.

• Improved risk management

By identifying potential gaps and weaknesses in a company's ESG practices, assurance can help improve risk management and sustainability performance.

• Access to capital

Investors are increasingly integrating ESG factors into their investment decisions. Assurance can make it easier for companies to attract green and sustainable investment.

• Compliance with regulations

Assurance can help companies comply with the CSRD and other relevant regulations.


ESG assurance is an essential tool for companies navigating the evolving sustainability reporting landscape under the CSRD and ESRS. By providing independent verification and enhancing transparency, assurance can help companies build trust, manage risk and access capital. As the demand for reliable ESG information continues to grow, assurance will become more and more important for companies seeking to thrive in a sustainable future. Speeki is your partner in assuring your ESG programmes and ESG reporting.

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