Risk Areas: Corporate Governance

Oversight, responsibility, integrity and accountability

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Typical Challenges

Lack of a structure around corporate governance and adherence to best practices or ISO Standards

Absence of skills and experience in the board’s and management's dual responsibility for corporate culture and their role in managing and overseeing ESG.

Inadequate understanding of key corporate governance requirements and expectations within a fast-changing business world.

Balancing the interests of running a business with the role of oversight and accountability that corporate governance requires.

Build a strong foundation for accountability

Corporate governance applies a system of rules and practices, based on guiding principles, that a company puts in place to direct all of its operations and to determine how the company operates and how it aligns the interests of all its stakeholders. The basic principles of sound corporate governance are accountability, transparency, fairness, and responsibility.

Strong, transparent corporate governance leads a company to make ethical decisions that benefit all of its stakeholders, allowing the company to position itself as an attractive option to investors if its finances are also healthy. Poor corporate governance, by contrast, can lead to a breakdown of the company and result in scandals and bankruptcy.

In today’s volatile business environment, high-quality governance is more essential than ever to secure sustainable returns for stakeholders. From a long-term standpoint, effective governance structures are less susceptible to business and ESG risks, thus more robust and successful going forward. Speeki can help embed good corporate governance into all levels of your organisation.

Measure your corporate governance against known standards

Historically, international standards around corporate goverance were not aligned. But now, how organisations are meeting their stakeholders’ interests is under the spotlight with the launch of ISO 37000:2021 Governance of Organisations - Guidance.

Get ahead of the curve and use Speeki’s Signals tools to help you collect information on the market’s perspective regarding how your organisation is managed and its effectiveness at addressing stakeholder concerns.

Test your governance against the ISO Guidelines with Speeki's risk assessment, gap analysis and attestation services.

Raise your ESG benchmark using actionable insights that bridge gaps in governance and corporate purpose

See how ESG impact patterns take shape and stay ahead of the curve by controlling your PR and promptly addressing your stakeholders’ “G” concerns.

Speeki can pinpoint accurate, meaningful governance data to help you build a holistic strategy and practical map of your organisation’s sustainability journey and predict what the next “G”-related trends might be.

Meet stakeholder demands for more accessible communication of ESG objectives

Effect ethical, responsible governance. Keep stakeholders transparently informed, and balance their expectations with your corporation’s goals and ESG obligations.

World-class Speeki services to help you include Reporting Out, Disclosures, systematic setup and embedding, Ratings, Certifications, and Audits.

How Speeki can help

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Design, Implement, Measure and Manage a management system around each key risk area.

We provide your company with integrated tools to capture ESG signals from your entire stakeholder set, to help you form a holistic view of your organisation’s corporate governance.


Address issues while they are still emerging

Speeki’s corporate governance experts, combined with data from the Speeki Platform, can identify leading indicators from your corporate governance programme. Gain new insight into stakeholders’ appraisal of your corporate governance.


Leverage all your great work and get value from your investment in ESG

Test your corporate governance against ISO 37000 or conduct a gap analysis against best practices. Speeki can help with training, policy development and review, and management of attestations of compliance.

Share your corporate governance concerns with us and see how we can help