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Speeki is a stakeholder engagement and compliance reporting platform built for transformative insights

Take no chances,
hear all voices

We believe the best companies put people at the heart of their organisations. Our simple, private, and secure platform enables you to engage your stakeholders for honest and actionable insights that ensure compliance and drive effective growth.
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It's simple and user-friendly getting started with Nicole - the AI chatbot


Easy to engage with your employees to receive honest feedback


Report safely via your mobile device using an anonymous and secure transfer
What we do

Gain Insights.
Meet Compliance.
Engage Stakeholders.

Detect issues before they become problems, create happier and more satisfied stakeholders, and drive your company to its full potential.
Why choose Speeki?

Compliance reporting redesigned

Created out of frustration from the slow, expensive, complicated processes of traditional compliance hotlines.

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Built for customers
A highly configurable platform designed to elevate your company performance
It's user friendly and intelligent
Powered by AI for a more user-friendly, efficient, and simple process
Get set up in minutes
The system can be set up and ready in minutes and meet compliance requirements easily
Secure by design
Security, privacy, and anonymity assured - Speeki is designed and developed starting with the security fundaments
Transform honest feedback
Understand your stakeholder's concerns before they become problems
Create a better culture
Create a better work culture that retains your best employees and attracts more talent
Why we're trusted

A platform you can count on

A powerful suite of features to help you comply and engage with your employees and stakeholders effectively. Speeki is perfect for building a better culture for almost any kind of organisation.
  • Value for money
  • Fully compliant design
  • Guaranteed customer success
  • Stable and reliable platform

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