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Making ESG a competitive advantage.

Speeki® helps you build and manage a corporate ESG programme.

We use our own Engage methodology to make your investment in ESG a competitive advantage by giving you the technology to manage ESG and report it.

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Speeki's ESG 19 Focus Areas
Speeki's ESG 19 Focus Areas

Speeki is a leader in corporate ESG. Helping companies leverage ESG across 19 key risk areas.

Build & Measure

  • After implementing a whistleblowing system according to the Engage methodology (and consistent with the ISO 37002 management system guidelines), we received a report that claimed that a board member has a conflict of interest.

  • Using Speeki we noted that certain countries and groups refused to complete Declare and Disclose conflict of interest forms.

  • We also noted that the annual ethics survey released using Speeki, highlighted a lack of integrity and trust in the management.

  • Exit interviews prepared and released using Speeki described an “everyone out for themselves” culture.

  • Initial programme reviews showed basic knowledge gaps in conflicts.

Monitoring and measure

  • Analysis showed that a board member has undisclosed investments in a key supplier subsidiary.

  • Analysis showed that 56% of the company is unaware of 24 of the most common conflicts of interest.

  • Refusal of Vietnam offices to sign declarations requested within the Speeki Platform seemed to be coordinated by head office and raised serious concerns.

  • Evidence identified through a audit pcompleted by the Speeki team pointed to the high possibility of collusion and price fixing.


  • After a detailed audit by Speeki commissioned on governance issues, improvements could be made to strengthen corporate governance

  • Planning and programme improvements were made to comply with ISO 37000 Corporate Governance guidelines

  • Conflicts training deployed in online modules.

  • New regulations and controls for team members and suppliers.

Declare and disclose
Program improvement

Speeki uses its own methodology to help companies manage their ESG initiatives

Speeki is a technology platform that helps companies manage, monitor, report on and enhance their environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives on a single platform, more efficiently and with reduced effort. It also allows for whistleblower reporting and case management of issues being reported.

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Let us help you build your ESG initiatives.

Speeki helps companies build ESG into their business by leveraging our Engage methodology.

We build programmes to manage the risk around each of the areas of focus (or others that you might have). We build them according to our Engage methodology.

We help companies implement their systems and help them with additional support to monitor, develop Insights and then Leverage them to gain Ratings, Certifications and Reporting.

ESG Data
Join the dots to reveal powerful insights

Speeki has several solutions to help companies assess their key ESG management systems to identify the areas to focus on and invest in, to detect potential ESG problems and generate actionable insights.

Top ESG risks investors worry about
Action drive Speeki

Drive real change through leveraging with impact

Leverage your commitment to managing ESG by obtaining an industry leading Speeki Rating, Speeki ISO Certification or communicating your great ESG performance to your stakeholders through great reporting.

Key benefits of Speeki

Early warning of risks

Speeki analyses apparently unrelated signals to detect subtle indications of wrongdoing, from fraud within your company to labour malpractices at your suppliers, and alerts you to the problem.

Highly customisable

You may select some or all of the Speeki functions, address specific risk areas, configure surveys and reports to your own needs, and integrate Speeki with an expanding range of other apps.

Improved compliance

Speeki maintains an up-to-date depository of relevant ESG standards and regulations, and provides you with practical guidance on compliance with them, saving you time and effort.

Comprehensive coverage

Speeki looks for issues within a broad range of defined risk areas covering the entire ESG spectrum – and with Speeki’s flexible and transparent pricing structure, you only pay for the risk coverage you need.

Support for key roles

An effective ESG programme requires commitment from the top and involves many people both within the organisation and across its entire value chain. Speeki supports the key roles in ESG management.

Closer engagement with stakeholders

Speeki provides you with a range of tools that enable you to understand the sentiments of your employees and other stakeholders, keep them informed, and better communicate with them.

Speeki gets you focused on being proactive and predictive about ESG

In today’s business world, reactive risk management is no longer a viable strategy – by the time you detect a serious issue, the damage to your business and stakeholder group is usually extensive. Speeki gives you a new set of predictive tools allowing you to be proactive in your risk management – solving issues as they emerge.

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Ramp up your ESG management systems with Speeki

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