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The global reach of the City of London has placed the UK at the forefront of regulation relating to ESG & Sustainability for many years. While Brexit may have created a more fragmented regulatory regime, there is a clear direction: more regulation, more oversight, more mandatory disclosures and more expectations from stakeholders.

Speeki supports British companies now in many aspects of their ESG & Sustainability initiatives. Preparing companies to stay ahead of current and future legislation and making them more attractive to overseas companies looking to partner with them.

Speeki provides ESG & Sustainability software, consulting, sustainability due diligence and assurance solutions. We are committed in helping British companies bridge the gap between theory and practice.

With a significant presence in the UK, Speeki is committed to helping British companies both successful and sustainable.

Discover Speeki: Your Partner in ESG and Sustainability Management

Speeki is here to redefine the way you approach ESG management and reporting, covering more than 20 non-financial areas. If you're wrestling with reducing your carbon footprint, ensuring ethical supply chain practices, or navigating the intricacies of corporate governance, Speeki is the comprehensive solution you need. With our holistic approach and robust whistleblowing features, we're here to elevate your ESG risk management to unparalleled levels.

Building trust and transparency

Our platform enables you to produce in-depth reports and disclosures by extracting the latest, most accurate data from your sustainability management systems. Both mandatory and voluntary reporting allows business to foster trust among investors, customers, and other key stakeholders.

Ensuring regulatory compliance

With mandatory TCFD reporting for many large British companies, and questions over whether this will change to IFRS S2 reporting, Speeki helps you stay on top of the latest regulatory demands set by UK authorities, ensuring your organisation not only remains compliant but also stands out from the competition.

ESG solutions tailored for UK Businesses

Why Speeki stands apart

Speeki's ESG software is dedicated to helping British businesses enhance transparency and trust with all stakeholders, including investors, customers, employees, suppliers, and the broader community. Speeki empowers organisations to efficiently collect ESG data and organise it into coherent documentation, paving the way for generating the required reports for regulatory disclosures.

Centralised Sustainability Management

Explore the simplicity of managing your ESG initiatives with Speeki's unified platform. Offering a common framework that supports a multitude of standards with an easy-to-navigate interface, Speeki is your ultimate solution for harmonising ESG efforts throughout your company.

Over and Above Basic Management and Reporting

Speeki distinguishes itself by providing a suite of embedded tools for  incident reporting, surveys, disclosures, and more. These tools encourage meaningful communication, bolster transparency, and engage stakeholders in ways you've never experienced before.

Streamlined and flexible reporting

Say goodbye to the complexities of ESG reporting. With Speeki, you can document once and report with ease across various standards. Embrace the simplicity and accuracy of fulfilling your reporting duties, perfectly adapted to the UK's regulatory framework and beyond.

Building a Sustainable Future with Speeki's ESG Platform

Opting for Speeki means more than just choosing a platform; it means partnering with a leader in ESG solutions. Whether it’s developing and maintaining your ESG programme, fostering accountability, or producing regulated reports, Speeki is with you every step of the way in your ESG and non-financial reporting journey.

Are British businesses geared up for the complexity of global ESG reporting requirements?

Anticipating reporting obligations

In an era where local ESG reporting standards are unveiled daily, Speeki ensures that your business doesn't just keep up—it stays ahead. By seamlessly integrating these emerging frameworks as they are announced, we ensure your compliance both now and in readiness for what the future holds. Speeki's proactive approach means your business will always be at the forefront of ESG reporting requirements, safeguarding your competitive edge.

Customise metrics to best represent your business

We understand that a dynamic corporate landscape calls for both standard baseline metrics and more customised measures which reflect your business. Speeki's platform empowers your business to define these unique metrics, enabling you to align your sustainability initiatives closely with your company's strategic goals or specific disclosure obligations. This tailoring capability ensures that your efforts are not just about meeting standards but truly embedding sustainability into the fabric of your business operations.

Leveraging external ESG expertise

Recognising that not every company has in-house ESG expertise, Speeki opens the door to bringing in external specialists with ease. Our platform is designed with a user-friendly interface, allowing you to incorporate new members into your team for targeted tasks, be it on a temporary or permanent basis. This flexibility means you can bolster your team's capabilities with expert knowledge and skills exactly when you need them, ensuring your ESG strategy is both robust and effective.

ESG Expert

Scott Lane

Scott Lane has worked as a leader in global companies across legal, compliance and governance for most of his career. He has helped over 500 global companies develop parts of their ESG programmes, including in governance, board, risk, supply chain, sales channels, anti-corruption, workplace issues, and overall ESG. Scott is a strong strategic thinker and communicator that helps to align large companies into a common goal.

Scott Lane

FAQs for UK businesses: navigating ESG software solution with Speeki

Why should British businesses focus on actively managing key non-financial areas such as ESG and sustainability?

British businesses need to prioritise managing key non-financial areas, including ESG and sustainability, to differentiate themselves in the market, attract customers, investors, and talent, and enhance their brand value. By leveraging ESG software and showcasing their ESG performance through reporting, companies can demonstrate their commitment to responsible business practices and sustainable development.

How does Speeki ensure our UK business stays compliant with the latest ESG reporting requirements?

Speeki is designed with agility in mind, constantly updating our platform to incorporate the latest ESG reporting requirements as they emerge, both globally and specific to the UK. This approach ensures that your business remains compliant, meeting current standards and preparing for future regulations.

Can we tailor the Speeki platform to suit our specific ESG reporting and management needs?

Absolutely. One of Speeki’s core features is allowing businesses to create bespoke data metrics. This flexibility means you can tailor your sustainability initiatives to align with your corporate goals or specific disclosure requirements, ensuring that your ESG efforts are as effective and relevant as possible.

Can the Speeki platform handle ESG reporting for businesses with operations outside the UK?

Yes, it can. Speeki is built to accommodate global ESG frameworks in addition to UK and other single country specific requirements. This means you can manage and report your ESG performance across all jurisdictions where your business operates, ensuring compliance and consistency worldwide.

How does Speeki’s platform enable us to communicate our ESG achievements to stakeholders?

One of the core features of Speeki's ESG software solution is its focus on improving transparency and communication between UK businesses and their stakeholders. The platform includes tools for stakeholder engagement, allowing companies to gather feedback, manage inquiries, and respond effectively to concerns related to ESG issues. This enhances the business's reputation, aids in managing risks, and creates opportunities for improvement in ESG practices.

Can Speeki's ESG software platform be integrated with existing systems used by UK businesses?

Yes, understanding the diverse IT ecosystem within UK businesses, Speeki's ESG software platform is designed with flexibility and interoperability in mind. It offers seamless integration capabilities with a wide range of existing business systems, including HR, finance, supply chain, and compliance software. This integration enables a streamlined approach to ESG data collection, analysis, and reporting, reducing the need for manual data entry and ensuring consistency across all platforms.

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