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Risk Areas: Whistleblowing

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Typical Challenges

Creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable to speak up at any time without fear of retribution

Providing a clear, confidential, and anonymous route for anyone to report any form of wrongdoing at any time using any device

Complying with an ever increasing myriad of whistleblowing rules, best practices, laws and regulations in the countries in which the organisation operates

Navigating the continuing global expansion of legislative rights and remedies for whistleblowers and encouraging people to report matters to you first before approaching the media or the regulators

Protect your business by making it easy for stakeholders to report misconduct

Whistleblowing is where an employee or other stakeholder reports wrongdoing to the organisation. Whistleblowing reports could include criminal wrongdoing, conflicts of interest, environmental damage, or health and safety concerns in the workplace.

The practice of speaking up and making a report promotes transparency, compliance, and fair treatment. Openness amongst employees helps to cultivate dedication towards the company’s mission and objectives. Similarly, transparency facilitates clear and effective business communication. Having these issues raised to management quickly means that employees can go back to focusing on other matters, such as the core business needs and the organisation’s success.

Whistleblowing is important to protect a company’s customers and indirectly protect your organisation through combatting fraud and misconduct. The alternative is risking legal prosecution, major fines, and a public scandal, accompanied by a substantial loss of reputation.

Use Speeki to provide a whistleblowing solution, and follow up reported wrongdoing before it can escalate into a crisis.

Supporting people to raise matters is easier said than done. It takes great focus and determination to build an environment where speaking up is encouraged.

People fear retaliation when they report misdeeds and misconduct – especially in jurisdictions where they do not enjoy employment protection – so they may be reluctant to raise issues.

Building an environment where people feel comfortable to speak up and report something is always a challenge for most companies. Speeki is focused on helping companies through this challenge with guidance, advice, procedures, and, of course, the Speeki Platform.

Measure the health of your organisation – differently

Initially, it may seem that whistleblowing brings more problems to light, but the opposite is true: in a healthy organisation, employees feel empowered and confident enough to raise concerns, which means they want the company to be more successful.

Speeki can help you track whistleblowing issues and present chart analyses of the results in a dashboard for at-a-glance actionable understanding.

Drive your organisation to its full potential

Encouraging all stakeholders to speak up builds trust and rapport, and demonstrates that your company is committed to being ethical and responsible.

Use Speeki Reports to receive reports and assure whistleblowers that their anonymity is guaranteed (where permitted by law) through our always-accessible virtual assistant, Nicole. She will engage and pose questions to help reporters give accurate and complete information.

How Speeki can help

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Design, Implement, Measure and Manage a management system around each key risk area.

We provide your company with integrated solutions to listen to your stakeholders. Whether they report through the Speeki Platform or talk about an issue on social media, our solutions capture that data for you to investigate more effectively.


Address issues while they are still emerging

Speeki’s experienced whistleblowing experts along with the data held within your Speeki Platform super-charge your knowledge and insights about what is happening across the company. We join the dots to help predict where issues might be happening and not yet be reported.


Leverage all your great work and get value from your investment in ESG

We help build whistleblowing programmes, and assess them against best practices and published standards. We also help identify areas for improvement, help with triage and investigations, and conduct training on best practices.

Building a whistleblowing system is more than just a 'hotline' or a webform.
Speeki has a total solution for companies looking to implement a whistleblowing system