Our purpose at Speeki

Speeki exists to help companies improve their brand experience, earn a better reputation, and manage risk by enhancing their awareness and management of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

We do this by operationalising ESG, building data through a management system and extracting insights from different perspectives to provide predictive analytics on future issues. We then challenge companies to leverage their investment to gain a ESG Rating or ESG ISO Certification across key areas of the ESG spectrum.

This enables Speeki to offer an innovative solution that provides true insights as a foundation for transformative ESG, in order to deliver powerful impact to their business and the planet.

Speeki has its own Engage methodology

Our proprietary Engage methodology assists companies in operationalising ESG across 19 defined risk areas, and embedding ESG principles into every facet of their organisation to produce positive measurable outcomes – for the present and the future. We help you transform ESG into a vital part of who you are as a business. Our methodology is a mixture of principles from management systems, best practices, common sense and a whole lot of industry experience.

We turn good intentions into good business

We focus on ESG because we believe the businesses which help create the future are those that will share the benefits of the future. Companies which practise environmental and social responsibility and good governance create sustainable value – for themselves, for their stakeholders, and for the world. Speeki helps businesses to unlock the potential of value creation and growth through ESG.

Value for investors

Better management of ESG risks reduces exposure to potential losses, while studies indicate that companies which embody the ESG values of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) typically outperform the market as a whole, enhancing value for investors and shareholders.

Value for employees

Implementing sound ESG principles in areas such as human capital management, employee health and safety, and diversity, equity and inclusion helps companies reinforce positive workplace experiences, which in turn reduces turnover and strengthens employee retention, engagement and productivity.

Value for customers

Today’s purchasers are scrutinising the impact of their buying decisions on society and the environment ever more closely. Companies which better address their ethical and environmental concerns and better communicate their ESG policies can enrich the customer experience and build stronger brand loyalty.

Value for partners

A company which practises good ESG may still be tarnished by the actions of less conscientious business partners. Applying ESG principles across the entire value chain reduces this risk for all parties, strengthens partnerships, and lessens the danger of supply chain interruptions.

Value for the planet

The scientific consensus is undeniable – the Earth is facing an urgent systemic environmental crisis, with direct and indirect impacts on every business. Companies which fail to play their part in solving this problem – by reducing carbon emissions, minimising waste, transitioning to clean energy and using resources more efficiently – will face increasing restrictions, and may lose their social licence to operate.

Living Speeki’s values

We firmly believe that companies with good ESG – companies that truly practice transparency and honest reporting, integrity, diversity and inclusiveness, environmental responsibility – not only deliver sustained value, but contribute to building a better world. At Speeki, we seek to exemplify these values ourselves in our own operations and corporate culture.

Continual customer-focused improvement

At the core of Speeki’s development strategy is a clear focus on our customers and their stakeholders. We put them at the heart of every decision we make about running our business and shaping it for the future.

To add value for them, we continually diversify our product suite by audience type to add resolution to our analytics. We also continue product innovation to sharpen the data and analytics we generate to better meet their business needs.

Finally, to ensure that our product is available across all our customers’ platforms, we are constantly looking for ways to partner and integrate with the best.

Each of these components is complementary, with benefits in one which reinforce progress across others. This provides customers with an improved experience and faster capabilities.

Meet our dedicated crew

Scott A Lane

Founder and CEO

Scott Lane is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Speeki, where he actively manages both strategy and the day-to-day business. Scott is a lawyer and technologist by training and is a leading practitioner in the governance, anti-corruption and compliance space, having consulted for thousands of clients in over 100 countries. Scott has built, designed, reviewed, and managed over 500 compliance programmes for companies around the globe, and has been an active leader in the compliance field for over 20 years. With a strong focus on social and governance, Scott is our leader in supporting clients in these areas.

  • Mike Chew

    Product Director

    Mike is responsible for operations, product development and customer engagement for the Speeki Platform. With a strong technology background, he is responsible for managing our development resources in Poland.  He has worked with the Speeki platform for over 8 years and has worked alongside our CEO for over 10 years.

  • Lindy Palmberg

    Global Programme Director

    Lindy’s focus is on ensuring that Speeki’s clients around the world are able to use and leverage the Speeki Platform successfully in their business. She is active in governance circles and has an established name in industry circles. Lindy has worked as part of the CEO's team for over 7 years.

  • Ana Garcia

    Global Marketing Director

    Responsible for Speeki’s marketing activities worldwide, Ana is the leader of a global team developing our brand and building our customer base. Based in the UK, and with a team in South America and Europe, she covers the globe. Ana has worked with our CEO for over 5 years.

  • Drew Gann

    Business Development Director, Americas

    Responsible for developing new business opportunities for Speeki in the Americas, Drew has a background in the compliance space and engages with customers on their journey with Speeki.

  • David Osborne

    Business Development Director, Europe & UK

    David brings a passion for revolutionising the ESG industry to his responsibility for growing Speeki’s business. He is a highly experienced leader and expert in the whistleblowing field.

  • Brendan Petchell

    Business Development Director, Asia Pacific

    Responsible for expanding Speeki’s business in the APAC region, Brendan is based in Hong Kong and fluent in Chinese. He manages the APAC region and supports our growth in our key markets.

  • Paula Mae Nicolas

    Senior Software Engineer

    Paula plays a key role in the development of Speeki’s industry-transforming software solutions. Working alongside our team in Poland, Paula has been involved in the development of Speeki for over 4 years.

  • Jenna Kim

    Product Director

    Product manager of compliance and legal technology solutions, Jenna is also a professional fraud investigator and certified compliance officer. Jenna was key to developng the original idea for the Speeki software and its AI elements. Jenna has worked alongside our CEO for over 10 years.

  • Gemma Florido

    Product Manager

    With expertise in both software development and people skills, Gemma plays a key role in creating innovative and engaging solutions that redefine the ESG industry and deliver value to businesses. Gemma is a key leader in developing our Speeki Ratings solutions. Gemma has worked alongside our CEO for over 4 years.

  • Andrew Goy

    Director of Strategic Partnerships

    Andrew’s mission is to grow and empower Speeki’s global partner community, helping them implement their consulting and other solutions in support of the Speeki business. He is based in the UK and operates globally. Andrew has worked alongside our CEO for over 7 years.

  • Maria Victoria Giraldo

    Marketing Executive

    Fluent in Spanish and English, Maria brings her rich experience in market research and a strong emphasis on customer service to her marketing role at Speeki. She manages our digital footprint and supports the development of marketing and branding.

  • Claudia Ordecki

    Marketing Coordinator

    With extensive experience in B2B marketing and a passion for event management, Claudia supports Speeki's marketing efforts, with a focus on managing in-person company events. Claudia brings specific industry experience, having previously worked with our CEO. Claudia speaks Polish, English, German and Spanish.

  • Pauline Bailly

    Head of Certification Products

    Pauline works with Speeki’s clients around the world managing certification projects, and is actively engaged with every aspect of their projects. Pauline speaks English and French and is based in Paris. Pauline has worked alongside our CEO since the group was acquired in 2018.

  • Dorothy Gaulin

    Manager, Ratings & Accreditations

    An expert in international relations and foreign policy, Dorothy's focus has been on managing the accreditations to our certification business and releasing new cutting edge products for Ratings. She is fluent in English and French and is based in Paris. Dorothy has worked with our CEO since the group was acquired in 2018.

Transform ESG from an obligation to a competitive advantage