Risk Areas: Ethics and Integrity

Exemplify the highest standards of ethical business conduct

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Typical Challenges

Increasing use of digital technology has resulted in new ethical concerns, such as the misuse and authenticity of private and non-private information.

Missed opportunities to build a culture of ethics and integrity because governance discussions are often limited to board diversity and compliance infrastructure.

Huge disconnects between what executives consider important and the types of fraudulent conduct they might overlook or engage in for personal gain.

Organisations are in danger of “box ticking” while ignoring the important objective of creating a culture that supports ethical decision-making.

Good ethics are good for business

Ethics are principles that guide behaviour, while integrity reflects the virtue of character to act on one’s ethical standards consistently in daily life, regardless of circumstance or consequences.

Corporate ethics and integrity are increasingly highly valued amongst all stakeholders worldwide, as evidenced by a direct link between a company’s social conduct and performance and its financial value. Consumers, especially, are also ascribing ever more importance to ESG factors when making buying decisions.

Companies that hold their managers up to high ethical standards promote strong leaders. Leaders with integrity understand that their actions, words, and decisions shape the company’s values, culture, and morale, inspiring staff and establishing trust amongst stakeholders.

To help your organisation clearly demonstrate its commitment to ESG initiatives, Speeki offers a holistic approach to building ethical conduct into the fabric of your business through the use of actionable insights and recommended actions. Embrace Speeki’s platform to create a more systematic approach to ethics and integrity and make it harder to hide irresponsible behaviour.

Rate your organisation’s ethics and integrity level by listening to the market

Today, organisations need to stay aware of the market’s messages, especially in terms of honesty and “doing the right thing when nobody’s looking”, that is, integrity and ethics. However, market feedback can be a listening minefield where “chatter” can obscure or warp messages about favouritism, misconduct, toxic cultures, inadequate management and more.

Speeki’s suite of solutions helps your organisation to cut through the “noise” and collate and synthesise data. These listening services include Messenger, Reports, Surveys, Interviews, and Programme Assessment.

Ethical decisions affect all stakeholders

How an organisation makes decisions and acts affects all its stakeholders, so drawing out actionable insights is invaluable, allowing you to see how your stakeholder trends jibe with your internal assessments.

Speeki’s  AI-powered Insights services help you assemble the market jigsaw whilst it’s still being created and provide you with recommendations.

Drive ethics and integrity throughout the organisation from the top

Creating a culture that supports and promotes honesty and doing the right thing means top management and the Board need to drive the initiative by example through their own actions – such as avoiding unfair market-distorting practices – and by requiring their people, business partners, and suppliers to comply with anti-corruption laws everywhere they do business.

Speeki offers an array of solutions, including helping you establish a Code of Conduct, providing a gap analysis and recommendations for remedial actions, training, disclosures and audits, as well as ratings and certifications. Each of these areas can be operationalised and worked into the fabric of your organisation.

How Speeki can help

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Design, Implement, Measure and Manage a management system around each key risk area.

We provide your company with integrated tools to capture ESG signals from your entire stakeholder set, to help you form a holistic view of your organisation’s behavioural and attitudinal indicators. Ethical testing, ethical surveys, awareness testing, disclosures, management reviews, exit interviews and social media monitoring are just some of the Signals we use to collect data.


Address issues while they are still emerging

Speeki’s core analytics platform and dashboards super-charge your insights into how ethical conduct can benefit your business.


Leverage all your great work and get value from your investment in ESG

We turn the insights from analysis into operational plans that neutralise risks before they grow. Speeki has ratings solutions through Speeki Ratings to test for adherence with ethics and integrity best practices. Speeki also provides ethics training, practical workshops, desktop crisis planning, and assistance with investigations.

Ethics and integrity is part of the culture of any organisation. It is what you do when no one is looking. Contact us to see how we can help you develop a culture around integrity