ESG for SME's and Start-ups

SMEs struggle to manage ESG. The requirements from investors are increasing, the expectations from customers expanding and the regulatory requirements are growing exponentially. For SMEs looking to build and manage their ESG, Speeki has you covered.

5 steps of ESG

Our focus is to support you with the heavy lifting of ESG.

The expectations on companies are now significant with ESG. The good news is that, run properly by experts, an ESG programme is likely to generate money, not cost money. It is all down to how you leverage the programme, how you position it to your advantage and how you manage the costs associated with it.

Speeki is here to help. Engage with one of our team to kick off an initial workshop to explore what we can do to help you leverage ESG.

Managed ESG solutions

Our managed ESG solutions can help manage your entire ESG programme. From risk assessment through to reporting, we can manage your entire system to save you time and give certainty of costs at a set quarterly fee.

Leveraging technology and automation

A big piece of managing ESG is technology. Using the technology to simplify ESG, to track ESG programmes and to support reporting out is key. Speeki has the technology to help manage ESG.

ESG Reporting tools

If you don't already have a whistleblowing or incident management solution you will need one.

Already embedded in the Speeki technology platform is a comprehensive whistleblowing and incident management system. Meeting all the requirements of regulators and large companies, the Speeki system is Ai driven technology enabled and easy to use. An essential piece of kit for any ESG, compliance or governance system.

of companies surveyed require (or expect) their suppliers to have a reporting system in place.
Over 50% of countries in the industrialised world require certain companies to have a whistleblowing system.  

You will also need a piece of tech to help you manage your ESG programme. Cue Speeki.

The Speeki platform is a SaaS solution that can help companies easily track their ESG programme. By building your ESG profile in the platform (following our simple and intuitive Engage framework), you can start to build your ESG profile. You can get help along the way with embedded guidance and even buy additional help when you need it from Speeki or one of our partners.

No time to build and implement?

Our team can setup, implement and complete your profile and start to build the essential elements of an ESG system.

Want us to define ESG and conduct your risk assessment?

Everyone needs to start ESG somewhere. Following our Engage framework and conducting an ESG risk assessment is the right place to start.

ESG programme progress

Need some help and guidance?

Built into our platform is a bunch of content to help guide you through ESG programme development. More than just a software company, Speeki is focused on getting you ESG ready.

SaaS means quick to implement and no hardware or software needed.

The Speeki platform can be set up in days. Start your ESG journey with a curated engagement with one of our customer success executives.

ESG Workshops from the Speeki Academy

Understand how to define ESG, how to build a programme and what reporting is likely to be required. In-house Speeki Academy workshops bring together all your relevant stakeholders for a deep training session. Learn fast.

ESG Quikstart Risk Assessment

Designed for smaller companies (0-500m USD in revenue), our Speeki ESG Quikstart Risk Assessment is a multi-disciplinary engagement to drill down into risks and identify key opportunities to maximise ESG. Over several days on site, our Quikstart solutions are designed to establish an ESG baseline quickly.

ESG QuikWins Programme Build

ESG should be straightforward to get some quick wins. We will help focus your team on the most pressing ESG risk areas to get 'moving' and start to build a programme that adds the most value to the business as quickly as possible.

ESG product solutions

Other key solutions for SME companies include...

ESG Investment Readiness Solutions

Looking to attract capital, bring in new investors or sell to a larger company? You can guarantee any investor will conduct deep due diligence on your ESG programme.

Speeki will help you get ready with the essentials to win them over and show the value of your ESG investment. We know what they are looking for and what the basics must include.

Engaging stakeholders and building buy-in for ESG

Engaging with stakeholders is an essential part of building an ESG programme. From employees, managers, investors, suppliers, partners and regulators, there are a bunch of moving parts. Our stakeholder analysis, information gathering and feedback sessions, help equip your ESG programme with the data it needs to be successful and add value to the business and its stakeholders.

ESG Reporting Analysis & Quarterly reporting

ESG reporting is changing rapidly. Expectations around reporting to stakeholders combined with mandatory reporting of certain ESG issues in certain jurisdictions is ever increasing and more complicated.
Speeki can conduct an initial workshop to define all your reporting requirements and then manage them for you on a quarterly basis.

ESG Expert

Scott Lane

After leaving his in-house role, Scott Lane started his own company to provide solutions in governance and compliance. Being a Founder and small business owner for many years, Scott has a unique understanding of the challenges of smaller companies and how to make themselves attractive to larger ones by building great ESG programmes.

Scott Lane

Why engage with Speeki to help build and maximise your ESG?

Our aim is to be your 'go to' firm when it comes to all things ESG. We hope to win your trust in our products and solutions by focusing on these key benefits to you. ESG requires both technology and services to be a part of any ESG solution, and we are focused on providing integrated solutions that add value to your business.

Reasonably priced, quick and responsive at all times.

In most cases our pricing model is fixed price and project-based for services and annual fees for data and technology access. Our focus is to give you certainty of price and comfort of service so that you know we will be there when you reach out to us.

A dedicated focus on what brings value, not (only) what ticks boxes.

Speeki will always look for ways to get value from your ESG investment. We will challenge you to leverage your investments in ESG in sales presentations with customers, investors and new candidates for employment. ESG must be a value driver, not a cost centre.

Simple engagement, simple projects, simple contracts and simple pricing.

We aim for strict openness and transparency in pricing. We do not lead with low prices to then extract higher prices in renewals like most software companies. We are focused on the value proposition for ESG and ensuring that you have clarity in pricing and deliverables.

Flexibility to change as the market moves on ESG areas.

ESG is growing and changing. As new regulations require different steps, we will guide you on mapping your programme to those new requirements. We will always remain flexible to adjust our projects, pricing and deliverables to meet new changes.

The ability to scale up or scale down as your needs change.

We know that your business is also fighting through economic, financial and regulatory pressure at every turn. As ESG changes and develops, your programme will also need to change and develop. We will do what we can to scale up and scale down as things change and to focus where we can add the most value.

Expert project management and dedicated support.

We believe that good project management skills are essential to larger projects, and we always suggest a manager either on your side, or our side, or both. We believe the additional cost will be outweighed by the time and effort in reworking issues.

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Speeki is the solution for managing your ESG initiatives in one place.

Want to know more? Attend one of our Speeki Academy workshops or reach out to a salesperson for a chat or demonstration.
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