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Whistleblowing at Speeki

We Hear All Voices because we actively listen.

Hear All Voices: Speeki uses its own software to support speaking up

Speeki uses its own Speeki platform as part of our internal ESG efforts. A big piece of this is to support anyone 'speaking up' and telling us about the good and the bad at Speeki. We encourage everyone and anyone to speak up at any time. We listen, we act and we focus on improvement.

We call our whistleblowing programme, 'Hear All Voices' and it's an essential part of our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives at Speeki. It is one of the risk areas within the Speeki ESG model that deserves its own place on our website and is an integral part of our Code of Conduct.

Below you will find all that you need to know about speaking up at Speeki and our 'Hear All Voices' whistleblower initiatives. If you are a future client of Speeki and want to see how we do things as 'best practice', feel free to look below and see how we do things at Speeki.

Hear All Voices is built on our three stage methodology

First, we provide you the tools to speak up and report issues using the Speeki Platform. The information that we receive from these Signals is taken seriously and we act on your reports and keep you updated along the way. We also combine the information with other information to work out the root cause around why we have an issue and then focus on implementing 'Actions' to get ahead of issues for next time.

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Reporting issues about Speeki to Speeki is good for you, good for us and good for everyone.

We believe that our Hear All Voices whistleblowing programme helps to unlock the potential of value creation and growth at Speeki. It helps our employees, partners, customers and our investors. Not just those existing stakeholders but any future ones as well. This is because we not only focus on the issue that is being reported, but look more deeply at the issue, study it with other data to draw root cause conclusions (we call these 'Insights') and then go about applying Actions to address it once and for all. Reporting up is good for everyone.

Good for our employees

The more we find out about issues in the workplace and the view of our employees on how we are doing, the better we can reduce exposure to potential losses, and build a workplace that embodies our values including the ESG values of human rights and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion that are so important to us. Addressing issues and constantly making things better is not only for our current employees but for every future employee as well. Like our planet, our workplace is a constantly evolving environment that we need to protect and improve at every opportunity.

Good for our partners

Speeki operates through an ecosystem of selected partners. These companies provide essential support to Speeki, expertise in certain risk areas and coverage in certain countries. We are focused on protecting those relationships and allowing our partners to tell us how we are doing through their Hear All Voices initiatives. We are committed to acting on feedback, reports, survey results, assessments and observations made by our partners.

Good for our customers

If we build a better business, then our customers will have a better product and a better overall experience. Companies that better address their ethical and environmental concerns and better communicate their ESG policies can enrich the customer experience and build stronger brand loyalty. Reporting issues through our Hear All Voices initiatives helps our customers.

Good for our investors

Our investors have given us money as part of a special trusted relationship. They are trusting that we will use it to grow their investment and give them a return. We build this trust based on a set of values, approaches and our strategy, and, as a result, we need to live up to our promises. Our promise is to build a strong ESG risk programme and reduce this risk for all investors, strengthen partnerships, and lessen the danger of a decrease in shareholder value.

Good for the planet

If we do our piece right, and everyone else does the same, then the overall collective benefit to the planet has to be positive. Companies which fail to play their part in solving this problem – by reducing carbon emissions, improving their workplace and the lives of employees, building sustainable products and running a compliant business, will face increasing restrictions, and may lose their social licence to operate. Hear All Voices is all part of the solution.

Hearing All Voices helps us live Speeki’s values

We firmly believe that companies with good ESG – values that truly practice transparency and honest reporting, integrity, diversity and inclusiveness, environmental responsibility – not only deliver sustained value, but contribute to building a better world. At Speeki, every company or person in our ecosystem is signing on to certain obligations. One of those is speaking up and Hearing All Voices. It is your duty.

So, how does it work and how do you make a report?

The Hear All Voices programme includes many ways to connect with us. It is really up to you and how you feel.

There are lots of ways to report to Speeki. Use the Speeki App, downloadable from the app store or you can use any of the ways identified below. It really doesn't matter how you report, it all ends up in the Speeki Platform. Whatever works for you.

The Speeki Platform used by Speeki is located in Europe. Depending on where you are and how you report, your data and the contents of your message will likely cross a few countries before it lands at Speeki. If you are going to report on highly sensitive personal information, we recommend you reach out to us first so we can work out the best way to get us that sensitive information.

The most important thing to remember is that, at every single stage of the process and no matter how you want to report, we truly do Hear All Voices. Every report is always confidential, always protects your private information, always protects you from retaliatory conduct, and we always act on what you tell us.

Once an incident report or alert is submitted our investigator, an independent, non-executive director at Speeki, will analyse the details to validate the complaint or alert, then begin the investigation process. The process includes a review of case details and a potential interview with the reporter, if appropriate. Throughout the process, the investigator will use Speeki's Case Management system. When the investigation is concluded the reporter is informed of the decision taken by the investigator and the actions planned to remediate concerns. If no action is deemed appropriate or necessary, the reporter is still informed.  

Who looks at my reports made through the
Hear All Voices programme?

David Youngson

Independent, Non-Executive Director

Because we are a small company, we have elected to have an independent director receive any reports and be our primary gatekeeper of reports made under the Hear All Voices programme. David is a finance/governance/compliance expert and has a strong understanding of ESG risk areas. Think of David as our ombudsman and a true supporter of your concern.

  • Speeki App

    Download from the Google Play Store

    The best way to connect with the Hear All Voices programme is through the App.

    Use the QR Code below to connect directly or download from the Google Play store and use the code Speeki Pte Ltd.

  • Speeki App

    Download from the Apple App Store

    The best way to connect with the Hear All Voices programme is through the App.

    Use the QR Code below to connect directly or download from the Apple App store and use the code Speeki Pte Ltd.

  • Speeki App

    Can't access a store?

    In some countries, you may not be able to access the Speeki App.

    Download the APK file and use the code Speeki Pte Ltd when it loads on your phone.

    Ask us on our support page for the link to the APK files.

  • Any browser

    If you prefer not to use the App, then use our website instead

    If you prefer to not download apps to your mobile device, then use our web site instead. It's exactly the same functionality and runs on any browser (even on your phone)

    Click on the following page Speeki Webportal and use code Speeki Pte Ltd.

  • Whatsapp &

    Connect with David on his Account

    Connect with David Youngson through a direct message. Keep in mind that your message may cross boundaries before getting to David. You may also not be anonymous.

    +852  9012 6963

  • Text Message

    Connect with David through a text message

    Connect with David Youngson through a text message. Keep in mind that your message may not be encrypted andyour data will cross boundaries as directed by the carrier network. You may also not be anonymous.

    +852 9012 6963

  • Email

    Email David direct

    Old school, but it works. Email David Youngson direct and he will respond to you. The data will not be graranteed to be encrypted and will cross boundaries.


  • MS Teams

    Connect easily

    Speeki employees who have access to Office 365 app will be able to chat with our AI assistant, Nicole within MS Teams.

  • LinkedIn

    Connect with Speeki through a direct message on LinkedIn

    Connect with Scott Lane through a direct message on LinkedIn. Keep in mind that your message may not be encrypted, your data will cross boundaries, and may be seen by LinkedIn. Your message will go directly to our CEO in this case.

  • Europe Phone

    + 33 1 8647 7980

    Using the old phone system will connect you to our VOIP system for a chat to Nicole, our digital AI ESG officer. If Nicole doesn't speak your language, you can leave a message. To remain anonymous, your voice will be digitised before it is sent to the Speeki Platform, and, since our telephone provider is in the USA, your message may cross boundaries before getting to Speeki.

    Call Nicole: +33 1 8647 7980

  • USA Phone

    + 1 718 305 1238

    If you are in the USA or the Americas, and prefer to use the old phone system, connect to our VOIP system and have a chat to Nicole, our digital AI ESG officer. To remain anonymous, your voice will be digitised before it is sent to the Speeki Platform, and because our Speeki Platform is hosted in Europe, your message will cross a few countries before making it to Speeki.

    Call Nicole: +1 718 305 1238

  • APAC Phone

    + 65 3129 8529

    For people in Asia using the old phone system will connect you to our VOIP system for a chat to Nicole, our digital AI ESG officer. If Nicole doesn't speak your language, you can leave a message. To remain anonymous, your voice will be digitised before it is sent to the Speeki Platform located in Europe.

    Call Nicole: +65 3129 8529

  • Mail

    Send a letter

    You are welcome to send a letter to our office in Singapore. Please mark it to the attention of David Youngson and it will be opened only by David.

    Our address is located on the Contact Us page on our website.

  • Call

    Pick up the phone

    If you are happy to have a chat to David Youngson about your feedback or concerns, pick up the phone and give him a call.

    +852 9012 6963

We are serious about Hearing All Voices. Talk to us, we are listening