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The Green New Deal in Europe has led to regulations for sustainable and transparent business practices across Europe. Whether it is the reporting requirements of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, the anti-greenwashing obligations of the EU Taxonomy or the supply chain management requirements of the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive, the need for information about internal practices has never been greater, and it's pushing companies towards a more strategic approach to their ESG initiatives. This is where Speeki comes into play, offering a streamlined, powerful solution to help you sail through the complexities of sustainability compliance and management with confidence.

Speeki helps you understand what is both important to your business and material to your stakeholders.

Providing material financial information to investors has been part of the business world for over 100 years.   In that domain, the concept of materiality is a well understood.

Assessing materiality for the purposes of Sustainability Reporting is a far more complex process, with European businesses having to look at not only what is important to financial stakeholders, but also what is important to those that the business affects - potentially around the world.

Our approach at Speeki is that you should be focused on the topics that matter to your business, the planet and your stakeholders. Some of these are topics that the reporting standards (such as the European Sustainability Reporting Standard) may want you to disclose - but the majority are not. The standards all come with their own ‘approach’ and ‘baggage’ and while you may be required to report out according to one or more standards, it doesn’t mean that you need to build programmes according to them. In our view, you should be doing an ‘Importance & Materiality Assessment’ - considering the important areas that you need to focus on and manage as well as the material areas that you need to disclose.

Simplify Stakeholder management

Effective stakeholder management does more than just satisfy regulatory requirements—it builds profound trust with those groups that matter most to your business.

Engage with your stakeholders, whether that is your customers, regulators, investors, or suppliers and ask them what's important - using the same simple platform that you are running your sustainability management system.

Follow up by reporting out not just the standard regulatory reports, but tailored reports detailing exactly what those stakeholders are concerned with.

Showcase your commitment through clear, concise reporting, you're not just ticking a box; you're strengthening relationships with investors, customers, and the wider community.

Seamless Compliance within the EU Framework

Speeki makes navigating the EU's rigorous ESG legislation, from the Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD) to the upcoming Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), straightforward and stress-free. We provide the tools and support you need to not only meet compliance standards but to set a benchmark in your industry.

Tailored solutions for the European Market

The Speeki advantage

Choosing Speeki is a strategic move towards not just meeting the minimum requirements but truly excelling in your ESG endeavours. Our intuitive platform ensures that managing, organising, and actioning ESG data is efficient, preparing you thoroughly for any regulatory disclosure requirements. If your goal is to redefine ESG management within your European enterprise and exceed the evolving standards, Speeki is your solution, turning ambitious sustainability goals into achievable realities.

Unite your ESG efforts with ease

Speeki serves as the central command for all your ESG initiatives, offering a cohesive platform that is intuitive and comprehensive. By consolidating all your efforts in one place, we make it easier for you to manage, report, and improve upon your ESG activities across your entire organisation.

Embedded tools for comprehensive ESG oversight

Speeki goes far beyond traditional management and reporting functionalities. We offer an integrated suite of tools for incident reporting, surveys, disclosures, and more enabling you to initiate impactful dialogs, enhance transparency, and engage your stakeholders on a deeper level.

Multiple reporting standards out of the box

Dreading ESG reporting is a thing of the past with Speeki. Our platform streamlines the documentation process, allowing for easy adaptation across different reporting standards. Achieve precise, compliant, and timely reports that meet both EU and global requirements with minimal hassle.

Crafting a sustainable programme with Speeki ESG platform

Opting for Speeki signifies a commitment to pioneering within the realm of ESG. Whether you're establishing a robust ESG framework or aiming to elevate your reporting transparency, Speeki stands with you, driving your ambitions forward.

Catching up ESG evolution in EU: Are EU businesses prepared for the regulatory changes?

Ahead of the curve in compliance

In an era where ESG reporting standards are evolving at breakneck speed, staying ahead is paramount for businesses across the European Union. Speeki leads the charge in adaptive compliance, seamlessly integrating emerging reporting frameworks as they evolve. This foresight ensures that your business doesn’t just meet current requirements but is also strategically prepared for future regulatory landscapes.

Custom metrics for tailored strategies

In a dynamic business world, one size does not fit all—especially when it comes to ESG metrics. Speeki recognizes the unique challenges and opportunities businesses face. Our platform enables you to design and implement custom data metrics, ensuring your sustainability initiatives are perfectly aligned with both your corporate objectives and disclosure standards.

Gaining expertise with ease

Diving deep into ESG principles might seem daunting, especially for businesses venturing into this domain without in-house specialists. Speeki simplifies this transition. Through our user-friendly interface, companies can effortlessly onboard new talents, be it for temporary projects or permanent roles. Whether you're expanding your team's capabilities or bringing in specialized knowledge, Speeki ensures your journey towards ESG excellence is smooth and effective.

ESG Expert

Scott Lane

Scott Lane has worked as a leader in global companies across legal, compliance and governance for most of his career. He has helped over 500 global companies develop parts of their ESG programmes, including in governance, board, risk, supply chain, sales channels, anti-corruption, workplace issues, and overall ESG. Scott is a strong strategic thinker and communicator that helps to align large companies into a common goal.

Scott Lane

FAQs for EU businesses using Speeki ESG and non-financing performing platform

How cn Speeki help my business stay compliant with EU ESG regulations?

Speeki is designed to keep your business ahead in the ever-evolving world of ESG requirements. Our platform is continuously updated to reflect the latest EU regulations and guidelines, ensuring you’re always in compliance. From the Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD) to the upcoming Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), Speeki has got you covered.

Can Speeki’s platform adapt to the specific ESG reporting needs of my business?

Absolutely. Speeki offers the flexibility to create custom data metrics that align with your unique business objectives and the specific ESG reporting standards applicable to your industry within the EU. This means you can tailor your sustainability efforts in a way that’s both effective and compliant.

Do I need ESG experts on my team to use Speeki effectively?

No, you don't necessarily need in-house ESG experts to leverage Speeki. Our platform is user-friendly and designed with a seamless onboarding process, making it easy for any team member to use. Additionally, Speeki provides access to a pool of ESG knowledge and resources, helping guide you through the complexities of ESG reporting and management.

Can Speeki assist in improving our company’s ESG performance, beyond just reporting?

Yes, Speeki is more than just a reporting tool. It’s an integrated platform that assists businesses in monitoring, managing, and enhancing their ESG initiatives. Through actionable insights, custom metrics, and performance tracking, Speeki empowers you to not only report on your progress but actively improve your ESG footprint.

How does Speeki handle updates to the EU ESG reporting framework?

Speeki’s team closely monitors changes and updates in the EU ESG reporting landscape. Our platform is regularly updated to reflect these changes, ensuring your business remains aligned with current and forthcoming regulations, standards, and best practices.

How does Speeki’s ESG platform cater to businesses with international operations?

While Speeki is tailored to meet EU regulations, it also supports global ESG frameworks and standards, making it an ideal solution for businesses operating across multiple jurisdictions. The platform allows for versatile reporting that meets both EU-specific and international requirements, ensuring global compliance and consistency in your ESG endeavors.

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