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Typical Challenges

Companies have compliance programmes but they are lacking a framework, a structure and a set of common features across multiple risk areas.

Compliance teams are not adequately trained in identifying risks and need support for their day-to-day work to move from good compliance to great compliance.

Companies have a lack of clear objectives, goals, criteria for success, monitoring, measuring and improvement mechanisms in place to effectively validate compliance programmes.

Companies are lacking the tools to manage compliance and are in need of more technological solutions to support their compliance efforts.

Speeki helps you manage compliance in a structured and measurable way

Corporate compliance covers the detection and prevention of violations of both internal policies and procedures, and applicable international, national and local laws. Being compliant protects your organisation from legal penalties and other negative consequences like reputational damage. The compliance process should be ongoing and integrated with all compliance efforts company-wide, and should include responsibility for identifying and updating applicable policies, rules and regulations – aligned with the organisation’s goals and values – and disseminating them to employees and applicable third parties.

The scope and breadth of compliance issues that businesses face today are so complex that managing compliance with them adequately requires a recognised framework and help from artificial intelligence to drive automation support. Speeki, now in its second generation, is built by former compliance managers to meet the future needs of the industry with its powerful three-pillar Signals-Insights-Actions platform. Speeki not only supports clients in implementing frameworks, it has been involved in drafting the frameworks themselves for the last 20 years.

Hear all voices on all compliance topics, not just those 'reported'

While having a single whistleblower interface is still essential, it’s no longer sufficient in today’s business environment of unprecedented change. It takes bold moves to stay ahead of the multitude of risks.
Speeki turns your entire stakeholder set into active participants of your compliance team – by giving them a voice to share on every ESG topic.

Drawing on the wisdom of the crowd through Speeki Signals – picking up messages, reports, surveys, exit interviews, and social media posts – enables you to form a powerful dataset of knowledge.

Turn compliance supervision into “super vision”

The Speeki Platform does the hard work in helping you understand your compliance experience gaps and driving continual positive results.

With support from our expert consulting team and data and dashboards in your Speeki Platform, we can open up visibility and analysis to see the invisible patterns behind various compliance areas.  

Speeki’s highly experienced and practical consultants can detect themes in text, reports, sentiments, and other signals across all your stakeholder interactions so you can see what’s happening and why. This gives you valuable foresight like never before, allowing you to identify and address actual or potential compliance issues as they arise and diagnose root causes.

Resolve every issue with an operational solution

Just as the speed of regulatory changes increases, so too does the need to respond with faster operational changes. Speeki’s insights-driven actions provide rapid operational plans that are pinpoint-accurate to the individual ESG issues that your company faces. From digitally-deployed compliance training modules and investigations to programme improvements, certifications, and gap analyses, Speeki’s fully integrated services all build on the same compliance goal, giving you exceptional risk protection.

How Speeki can help

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Design, Implement, Measure and Manage a management system around each key risk area.

We provide integrated tools to capture ESG signals from your entire stakeholder set, to help you form a holistic view of your compliance performance. Build a whistleblower programme, put in place a conflicts solution, or implement a social media monitoring solution with Speeki Social.


Address issues while they are still emerging

Speeki’s core platform combined with our consulting expertise super-charge your investigations and monitoring abilities. Gain new insight into the effectiveness of your compliance programme with our support.


Leverage all your great work and get value from your investment in ESG

We turn the insights from analysis into operational plans that neutralise risks before they grow. Speeki has compliance framework consulting solutons, gap analysis, training on frameworks, training for employees on key topics, Speeki Ratings for Compliance, and Attestation solutions for ISO 37301 among our offerings.

Speeki is a global leader in compliance programme development, management, review, audit and improvement. Contact us to see how to make compliance a competitive advantage for your business