Helping German business prepare for Sustainability regulation.

German business is the powerhouse of Europe. With a range of household names in automotive, healthcare and heavy engineering plus the strength of the Mittlestand, German companies play a critical role in managing and solving many of the current environmental and social issues of today.

Germans have always been a strong proponent of the type of Stakeholder capitalism that is now critical to compliance with many of the new directives relating to sustainability. Works councils represent the rights of staff as equals with shareholders and there has always been a strong connection with both local and national government. However, even with stakeholder management embedded in the corporate culture, there remains a significant amount of work for German companies to comply with the European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive.

In addition to the obligations to report on sustainability matters, German and European regulators have led the way in requiring German companies to identify and manage environmental and social issues with the ground-breaking German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (aka Lieferkettengesetzes or LkSG ) and upcoming European Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive.  

Speeki can help German companies understand their obligations under these regulations (and others globally) and to build practical and efficient programmes of work to manage them.

German Supply Chain Act

The LkSG requires companies to put in place an entire risk management system for their suppliers in order to prevent, minimise or end any human rights or environmental events in their supply chain. It goes far beyond just gathering information about them.

The law also requires regular documented policies, risk assessments, and a governance structure, plus engagement with suppliers around specific environmental and human rights related contractual terms and training. There is also an obligation to provide a complaints procedure (for both direct and indirect suppliers),

Speeki's technology platform provides the infrastructure to manage those obligations and Speeki's Engage™ framework is the roadmap you need to  plan, design, measure and report on their diligence programme and comply with the German Supply Chain Act. As is often the case, the German Supply Chain Act tells you what you need to do, but it doesn’t explain how to do it. Speeki provides its clients with guidance on how to build and effectively implement programmes using our own methodology combined with the well-known ISO management system standards.

Managing your Supply Chain - supporting both the LkSG and CSDD

With these two new major pieces of legislation come significant obligations to conduct due diligence on your supply chains and to end modern day slavery and human rights abuses. Speeki helps German companies with building their human rights and modern-day slavery programmes (amongst others) and the related sustainability due diligence required for supplier qualification.

Sustainability Reporting

ESG & Sustainability covers over 20 different topics. While not all of these may be 'material' and require some form of disclosure, they may still be 'important' to you or your stakeholders.

Whether you're grappling with carbon footprints, emissions calculations, ethical supply chain, whistleblowing, corporate governance, human rights, or being selected by your customers as a 'safe and sustainable' option, Speeki is your solution. Our approach to ESG & Sustainability can help you not only meet any regulatory requirements but build a better and more sustainable company for the next generation.

ESG solutions for German Businesses

Where Speeki can help your business in Germany.

Depending on what sort of company you are, you may have to comply with mandatory or customer-driven Sustainability reporting requirements in Germany in the near future. You most certainly will have reporting to do under the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. Unlike reporting requirements in other countries, the obligations in Europe are stricter and wider and go far beyond just a statement of intent on your website.

Get ready for the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive.

Speeki has a software platform already configured to help you build ESG & Sustainability across twenty different topics, many of which will be material to your business reporting under the ESRS standards.

Speeki is not just a ESG & Sustainability reporting platform, but rather a comprehensive suite of non-financial programme management and reporting. We have embedded guidance, advice and instructions throughout the platform to increase your knowledge and reduce the need for consulting expertise.

Sustainability due diligence and supplier qualification

In order to meet the new legislation both in Germany and the European Union as well as best practices on supplier qualification, you will need a comprehensive due diligence system for identifying risks in your supply chain.

This is not just for human rights issues, but environmental, information security, corruption, sanctions, and reputational risks. More than just a questionnaire to collect information, Speeki helps with developing a qualification system involving risk identification, assessments, contracting, due diligence and audit.

Are you ready for reporting against other Global standards?

Just like with accounting standards, global businesses will need to report out against local reporting requirements in each jurisdiction that they operate.

Standards like the International Sustainability Standards Board's IFRS S1 and S2 are being rolled out to countries around the world with minor variations in each one.

Helpfully, Speeki's platform embeds those standards and allows you to write once and report as many times as needed, with inbuilt guidance to highlight and explain the differences between the standards.

Developing a sustainability programme with Speeki allows you to cover all topics in a consistent manner.

By choosing Speeki, you're not just adopting a platform; you're partnering with a leader in ESG & Sustainability solutions. From building and maintaining ESG & Sustainability programmes to driving accountability and generating reports, Speeki supports your journey in ESG & Sustainability and other non-financial reporting aspects.

Managing the performance of your non-financial programmes will be your advantage.

Germany is making a strong push forward in ESG & Sustainability. This is not going away anytime soon and those companies that lean-in will be able to take advantage of new business opportunities.

Germany and Beyond - using the same software.

Speeki continuously incorporates new global or local reporting standards from countries as they become published. We ensure that your business remains able to produce necessary disclosures not just in Germany but in any country you operate.

Manage your non-financial performance.

More than just climate change, Speeki helps you build programmes across twenty areas. Businesses can align their sustainability efforts with Speeki and other software products like climate accounting or energy management systems.

Speeki has embedded tools and guidance.

Many companies don't necessarily have their own ESG experts and might struggle to find capacity at a reasonable price elsewhere. Speeki is packed with guidance and Ai to help you build ESG & Sustainability with our software.

ESG & Sustainability Expert

Scott Lane

Scott Lane has worked as a leader in global companies across legal, compliance and governance for most of his career. He has helped over 500 global companies develop parts of their ESG programmes, including in governance, board, risk, supply chain, sales channels, anti-corruption, workplace issues, and overall ESG. Scott is a strong strategic thinker and communicator that helps to align large companies into a common goal.

Scott Lane

Some examples where Speeki can help you in Canada with ESG & Sustainability.

Speeki can help you build an overarching ESG & Sustainability strategy and kick off your focused initiatives.

You will need a clear strategy led from the Board and executed through management. With oversight and assurance, your Board can feel comfortable that ESG & Sustainability is a competitive advantage not simply a cost. Working with the Board and management, we help you understand risk and opportunities and define a strategy on which to execute.

Build your strategy around corporate sustainability due diligence and manage risks in your supply chain.

The challenges raised by the new legislation in Germany also apply in many other countries. Having a global approach at supplier qualification and due diligence is essential. Managing your own supply chain risks and knowing how your customers will be looking at you in return will be a competitive advantage.

Gain a certification against an ISO standard for key ESG areas.

Speeki through our subsidiary Speeki Europe is a globally accredited certification body for ISO management system standards. Subject to our independence rules, we can certify you in Germany (and your global operations) against standards like anti-bribery, compliance, governance, social responsibility, whistleblowing and more.

The Speeki platform builds and implements your strategy in one secure online solution.  

Speeki can be used by wide range of entities, including businesses of all sizes, across various industries. Whether you're a small enterprise looking to start your sustainability journey or a large corporation seeking to enhance your ESG practices, Speeki has software and solutions that can cater to your needs.

You need help with a certain ESG topics and moving from a policy to a programme?

If all you need right now is help to build a whistleblower solution, an anti-bribery compliance or management system or help to build a global human rights and modern day slavery system, Speeki can help. With consulting, technology, and assurance solutions, we are ready to step in and add value to your business.

Speeki can provide assurance of your ESG reports before submission to regulators?

Speeki provides assurance solutions across ESG & Sustainability against standards such as the ESRS. Subject to our independence rules, we can build a plan for an audit and assurance of your ESG reporting. Validate your reporting with the comfort of independent assurance.  

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Your ESG & Sustainability journey begins here.

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