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Australian laws on ESG & Sustainability are developing. While a little fragmented right now, there is a clear direction: more regulation, more oversight, more disclosures and more expectations from stakeholders.

Speeki supports Australian companies now in many aspects of their ESG & Sustainability initiatives. Preparing companies to stay ahead of current and future legislation and making them more attractive to overseas companies looking to partner with them.

Speeki provides ESG & Sustainability software, consulting, sustainability due diligence and assurance solutions. We are committed in helping Australian companies bridge the gap between theory and practice.

As a company with a long Australian heritage, Speeki is committed to helping make the sunburnt company everlasting.

Regulations are here with significantly more to come. Now is the time to capitalize on compliance and build competence in reporting.

You don't need to be in Australia for long to realise that the climate is changing and changing fast. The summers are longer, the droughts and flooding rains are now more prevalent and appear confused. The Great Barrier Reef is being impacted with bleaching and our natural landscape is being subject to more extreme weather events.

Everyone has a role in building a more sustainable life for all Australians. Companies have the power to drive change in their own behaviors and to drive change in the communities in which they serve. They have the power to build sustainability into their business and take a long term view on reducing impact on society.

Speeki helps companies tackle the complexity of ESG & Sustainability. Whether you are required to publicly report and disclose data is simply a by-product of building your strategy around ESG & Sustainability. Our focus is to help you build a sustainable business and make sustainability practices a competitive advantage.

Legislative developments are here now with more coming

The initial suite of legislation coming into force in 2024 is related to climate disclosures and applies to a small group of companies. The current TCFD based disclosures are expected to follow other countries in Europe and be expanded significantly.

ESG legislation has existed for many years and will now take on a more significant meaning.

Australia has significant legislation on environmental protections, the protection of natural heritage, human rights, modern day slavery, whistleblowing, and anti-corruption just to name a few ESG & Sustainability areas. There is no shortage of legislation.

ESG solutions for Australian Businesses and large companies operating in Australia

We approach ESG & Sustainability from two main perspectives: Your Customers and the Planet.

Our view is that there is no point in building ESG & Sustainability practices unless both your key stakeholders and the planet benefit. We understand that taking on something as big as ESG & Sustainability has greater meaning when it becomes a competitive advantage to your business.

Our focus is to help you find those key value generation drivers that ESG & Sustainability can bring (and) meet all the regulatory requirements that you may
(or may not) be bound to follow in the process.

Build your system for ESG & Sustainability 

Australian companies are familiar with managing their financials in an accounting system. Today, it's more than money that needs to be managed. Non-financial topics also need to be managed and reported. That also requires a system. Speeki is that system to manage all non-financial topics in one platform.

Go further than ticking boxes

Lots of companies simply tick boxes for compliance with many topics covered by ESG & Sustainability. We would rather you focus your attention on the things that really matter and can generate value for stakeholders and the planet than your auditors.

Meet the regulations now and into the future

We are confident that there will be more regulations, more complexity, and more inconsistency in ESG requirements and disclosures. We also expect there to be a fair amount of confusion and double work when you start to work from Australia into other markets. Our whole model is designed to address this point with the smart use of our Ai driven software solutions.

Drive your business further with Sustainability

We believe at Speeki that ESG & Sustainability starts with the Board. We also believe that with the right focus and the right perspective, ESG & Sustainability can be a value generator for the business even while managing risk. We work with companies to find that value, harness it, and leverage it for your benefit and the benefit of the planet.

Get ready to navigate the higher expectations of your overseas business partners and customers.

More than just local climate disclosures

To be successful at ESG & Sustainability means you need to tackle all key areas across ESG & Sustainability. That means running a business that is free from corruption, data leaks, money laundering, fraud, human rights abuses, harassment, and discrimination as a start. It also means a business that has a strong governance model, a transparent and ethical culture and one that supports speaking-up. All this before we even look at emissions, energy consumption, and your impact on natural resources.

Be the safe and secure option for customers

Legislation in Europe and around the World will make it harder for companies in developing countries to pass the legal, statutory and policy requirements of potential customers when being subjected to sustainability due diligence. Australian companies with their significant advantage of maturity, integrity, transparency, and commitment to sustainable practices can be the supplier of choice. It is a competitive World and the companies that meet sustainability standards will be the winners.

Lead and set the example for global business

Leaning-in to ESG & Sustainability practices will create unique opportunities for global companies. With the right amount of transparency and focus, Australian companies can be leaders in driving ESG & Sustainability agenda world-wide. In doing so, they will create opportunities not only for themselves but for the country as a whole. Leaning-in even when legislation isnt there to demand it is the true sign of leadership.

ESG Expert

Scott Lane

Scott Lane is an Australian trained lawyer and technologist that has worked as a leader in developing ESG & Sustainability practices across multiple areas including governance, risk, supply chain due diligence, anti-corruption, workplace issues, modern day slavery, energy management and natural resources. Scott is a strong strategic thinker and communicator that enjoys working with Boards and senior leaders to challenge norms and drive sustainability agendas.

Scott Lane

There are lots of ways that we can help Australian companies with their ESG & Sustainability efforts. Here are just a few.

Build your strategy, improve it, revise it, or start again. Our focus is to help you develop a strategy that works.

Speeki delivers ESG & Sustainability solutions, particularly designed for the unique business landscape of Australia. Our solutions are crafted to support Australian companies in addressing ESG challenges, ensuring regulatory adherence, and fostering sustainable business models. Our focus is to start with the Board and work down to management and employees to ensure consistent approaches and messaging.

Speeki can provide software to help with your TCFD and other reporting according to Australian and other published standards.

As Australia amplifies its commitment to ESG & Sustainability reporting, use Speeki to manage all your material non-financial topic in one platform ready to generate reports for submission. Speeki supports other reporting for internal use and stakeholder reporting. Speeki covers not only climate reporting initiatives but reporting across twenty different areas.

Gain a certification under an ISO standard for your ESG & Sustainability topics from Speeki Europe.

Speeki certifies some of the largest companies in the World for its management systems. We were a pioneer in the area of anti-bribery and compliance certifications and are expanding our portfolio to include other key areas for certification. While your certification might be the same outcome, the Speeki process includes outstanding content experience for your certification journey.

Make your business an attractive option to overseas customers with our solutions to leverage ESG & Sustainability.

With new corporate sustainability due diligence requirements starting in Europe and many other countries, there will be a global search for companies that are a 'safe option'. Australia is in a unique position to secure global business with its compliant approaches combined with its transparent governance. We help you to win more business by attracting customers looking for a 'safe option'.

Build up your whistleblowing, human rights, and other key programmes to be Internationally ready.

There will be a need for companies to move beyond 'tick box compliance' using simple policies and statements on websites into more rounded programmes that are consistent with International standards. Speeki can help build or upgrade your programmes to comply with standards and withstand the regulatory pressures and audits from customers.

Need sustainability due diligence of your suppliers around the World? Speeki can help with support and software.

Speeki can help with sustainability due diligence initiatives and qualification of suppliers in any country. From collecting data, reviewing it, conducting interviews, risk assessments, background checks and even on-site audits. We have the depth of resources to provide and analyse data and give you practical advice on reducing risks of a supplier being involved in human rights or environmental issues.

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