Risk Areas: Climate Stability

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Risk Areas: Climate Stability.

Typical Challenges

Increasingly frequent and severe weather events triggered by climate change damaging assets, supply chains and critical infrastructure.

Managing the pressure on businesses to reduce fossil fuel consumption and shrink their carbon footprint.

Responding to dramatic changes affecting every step of the value chain – design, raw materials costs, energy usage, production processes and logistics.

Complying with government and market demands to do more to curb climate change, and communicating related actions to stakeholders.

No business is immune to the effects of climate change

Most organisations and businesses now see climate change not as a standalone environmental issue, but rather as a global cross-cutting challenge to which they need to adapt in order to remain profitable and secure long-term stability.

Climate change presents a systemic risk to businesses, as regulators will toughen their mitigation efforts. Risks related to climate change have the potential to destabilise organisations’ systems and lead to serious negative consequences for the real economy.

Two main risks that require mitigation are: 1. the physical risks associated with more frequent severe weather events and lasting environmental changes, and 2. the transition risks posed by the policy and technological changes necessary to achieve a greener economy.

Speeki can help understand the operational aspects of your initiatives and also the regulatory requirements imposed by Governments and make sure that you comply with your obligations and get value from them to help your business and help the planet.

Find out if your stakeholders are onboard with your climate plans.

Find out if your stakeholders are on board with your climate plans

Financial institutions and stock markets worldwide are now demanding that companies report on their ESG activities, with climate change being a key focus. Other key stakeholder groups – employees, investors and customers – also need to be informed of your climate mitigation programme, and their concerns heard and addressed. Speeki provides you with a suite of Signals capture tools – reports, surveys, and AI-powered conversations – that make it easier for you to monitor how these groups view your efforts, and to receive information on where your strategy may need adjustment.

Manage climate change cooperation with suppliers and understand their perspective

It is deceptive claiming to be a “green company” if your suppliers are pouring out tonnes of greenhouse gases. Effective climate action requires cooperation along the whole value chain. Use Speeki Signals to gather information on how your suppliers are playing their part, and Speeki Insights’ AI-powered analysis tools to help you appreciate their viewpoint, as well as to identify where they may be failing to comply with agreed actions.

Manage climate change cooporation with suppliers.
Climate-related targets

Respond to market views of your climate change mitigation programme

Failure to combat climate change adequately is likely to cause reputational damage. Use social listening and other Speeki Signals tools to determine market perceptions of your efforts to reduce your climate impact. Apply insights from Speeki in taking corrective actions. Fill gaps identified in your climate strategy through training, supplier audits, redefining supplier requirements and selecting new suppliers if necessary, and setting measurable science-based targets. Communicate your progress more effectively by aligning with emerging global climate reporting standards, or existing industry-specific standards.

How Speeki can help

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Design, Implement, Measure and Manage a management system around each key risk area.

We provide your company with integrated tools to capture ESG signals from your entire stakeholder set, to help you form a holistic view of your organisation’s climate change efforts.


Address issues while they are still emerging

Working alongside your inhouse and external teams and advisors, our experienced consultants and the data from your Speeki Platform help you to see trends and the direction of your efforts. Gain new insight into how you are seen – and how to improve perceptions – as well as identifying hidden risks.


Leverage all your great work and get value from your investment in ESG

We turn the insights from the analysis into operational plans that neutralise risks before they grow. Speeki's focus is to help you craft a solution and then comply with it. Whether compliance means complying with your own rules, your own policies, policies of associations that you have joined, or laws imposed by governments, we help you build a comprehensive system of compliance and get value from your initiatives.

We are experts at building systems and then ensuring you comply with them and they add value to your business. Share your climate change concerns with us and see how we can help