Our Accreditations & Certifications

  • Speeki Europe SAS is accredited by ANAB for ISO 37001 as a Management System Certification Body. 

    Speeki Europe SAS was awarded an accreditation for delivering ISO 37001 Certification by ANAB (ANSI National Accreditation Board) on 27th August 2019. This was the first accreditation obtained by Speeki Europe SAS and demonstrates our commitment to ensuring the lasting credibility of the ISO 37001 certificates we issue. ANAB is the largest accreditation body in North America and operates across 75 countries.

    Our accreditation demonstrates that we adhere to the requirements of ISO 17021-1 which is a standard for all management system certification bodies. This accreditation also denotes our adherence to the highest standards when it comes to qualification and competence of everyone involved in our certification process, including our auditors.

    With this accreditation, Speeki Europe SAS is able to certify companies globally.

  • Speeki Europe SAS is also accredited by the French COFRAC* for ISO 37001 as a Management System Certification Body.

    In addition to the above accreditation, Speeki Europe SAS** was also awarded accreditation for delivering ISO 37001 Certification by the French COFRAC* in October 2019. COFRAC is the national accreditation body for France, where Speeki Europe is located.

    This accreditation demonstrates once again that Speeki Europe SAS operates against the requirements of the ISO 17021-1 and confirms that Speeki Europe SAS conducts audits and technical reviews with the highest standards of qualification and competence for all personnel in the certification process.

    In gaining this accreditation, Speeki Europe SAS is now certified by both the French and the USA's accreditation bodies. This is particularly useful for clients that have a preference for one country's accreditation system vs. another.

    With this accreditation, Speeki Europe SAS is able to certify companies globally.***  

    * (COFRAC: Comité Français d’Accréditation is the French Accreditation Body (COFRAC Accreditation N°4-0609. List of locations and scope available at www.cofrac.fr).

    ** If the case were to arise where Speeki Pte Ltd. or another Speeki entity provided consultancy no certification by Speeki Europe SAS would be possible for the organisation receiving the consultancy for at least two years. Speeki Europe SAS, as an independent legal entity and accredited certification body, does not conduct management system consultancy.

    *** As an accredited entity, Speeki Europe SAS does not conduct advisory or management system consultancy.

  • Speeki Pte Ltd and Speeki (Hong Kong) Ltd is certified under the ISO 27001: Information Security standard by SGS.

    As a SaaS software provider, it is essential that we provide our services to clients in a safe and secure way. Our commitment to clients and the security of their data is paramount.

    Speeki is committed to protecting the data of our clients and has a comprehensive information security system in place across the Group. The management system has been implemented according to an ISO standard known as ISO 27001, the leading and most comprehensive of all information security standards.

    We are also pleased to confirm that we have obtained certification for our information security management system and have been certified by SGS as identified above. Our HQ group based in Singapore and our subsidiary in Hong Kong that manage product development and our information security system are the only entities certified under the Standard, although our programmes operate globally.