Risk Areas: Data Privacy & Information Security

Protect private data and anticipate and forestall information leaks and hacking

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Typical Challenges

Increasing cybercrime, especially through ransomware where a company’s data is “held hostage”.

Managing data as a business resource while respecting data subjects’ privacy concerns.

Meeting evolving compliance requirements for data privacy in different jurisdictions.

Embedding security awareness into both internal and external uses of data and applications.

Protecting private data and ensuring cybersecurity is not just a matter for IT

Information Security is the system of safeguarding important information from corruption, compromise, or loss. The importance of information security increases as the amount of data created and stored continues to grow at unprecedented rates. Its complexity is also increasing, as business data is now commonly stored, processed and transmitted across national borders.

Data protection mitigates risks on two main fronts: 1. Data – on employees, customers, and processes, including intellectual property and trade secrets – is recognised as a vital business asset, without which a company cannot function. 2. At the same time, a company owes a moral – and in most jurisdictions, also a legal – duty of care to protect the privacy of data entrusted to it by customers, employees and other stakeholders, which may include sensitive information such as credit card numbers or employees’ health status.

In a world of intensifying technological advancement, cyberattacks are on the rise, and their attack targets include all the possible ways that company data can be accessed. The attack vector is also fragmented and dynamic, making data protection harder. Inevitably, a cyberattack will occur.

Traditionally data security was considered as primarily an IT concern, but the scale and sophistication of today’s cyberthreats make it a matter for the whole organisation, and beyond to its entire supply chain. Speeki can help pre-empt potential cyberattacks through operationalising data protection programmes and initiatives throughout the governance fabric of your organisation.

Recognise potential breaches before they occur

Signs as subtle as network glitches or social engineering, or as obvious as phishing attacks, litter the world of market messages and can go unnoticed, leading to a seemingly sudden cyberattack.

But your organisation can stay on top of these signs through Speeki’s Signals tools, which can help you increase awareness of and training for potential attacks.

Speeki provides training and desktop reviews to prepare teams for attacks.

Build the virtual security puzzle with disparate pieces

Data protection is often seen as a complex jigsaw puzzle comprising pieces that do not obviously fit together. Speeki can help you assemble this jigsaw puzzle and assist your organisation in protecting its data from the risk of loss or theft.

Working alongside our partners, we can help reduce the data security micro-holes before they become chasms, and foster a corporate culture that respects data privacy through Speeki’s training and other services.

Protecting private data is essential

Changes are coming to data protection in more and more countries and the complexity of how to treat personally identifiable data is ever increasing.

Working alongside our legal partners and experts, Speeki’s ESG tools – audits, programme improvement, training, and more – are ready to navigate and meet dynamic requirements in data protection.

Cross border transfers, internal transfers, sharing of data with third parties all need to be considered, documented and well understood.

How Speeki can help

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Design, Implement, Measure and Manage a management system around each key risk area.

We provide your company with integrated tools to capture ESG signals from your entire stakeholder set, to help you form a holistic view of your organisation’s data protection programme.


Address issues while they are still emerging

Speeki’s core analytics platform and dashboards super-charge your investigations and monitoring abilities. Gain new insight into vulnerabilities in your data storage and data transfer practices.


Leverage all your great work and get value from your investment in ESG

We turn the insights from the analysis into operational plans that neutralise risks before they grow.

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