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Despite the media attention, American companies are pushing ahead on ESG & Sustainability. While a little fragmented and industry specific, there is a clear effort to drive reforms and bring Sustainability into the Board room.

The size and global nature of many American companies also means that their non-USA based subsidiaries are also subject to local laws in other markets, notably in Europe. This is leading to a complicated ESG & Sustainability disclosure environment with different models in different countries.

With state-based legislation moving ahead and SEC rules likely to emerge, now is the time to start a targeted investment in ESG & Sustainability.

Speeki provides ESG & Sustainability software, consulting, sustainability due diligence and assurance solutions.

Driving better business results by focusing on non-financial topics and performance.

Speeki’s approach is to simplify the ESG & Sustainability management and reporting across twenty critical non-financial areas by using advanced technology and Ai. We believe that companies should focus on driving performance in their non-financial topics with as much focus as they do their 'financial' topics.

From managing energy consumption, GHG emissions, and waste management through to workplace health & safety, information security, community programmes and governance and compliance. All these areas should be designed, built, managed, and reported in a consistent way that allows simple reporting and disclosures.

From tackling carbon emissions and supply chain ethics to enhancing corporate governance, Speeki provides a holistic solution that addresses the wide array of ESG and sustainability program requirements.

With our technology solutions, you will be able to provide reports and disclosures according to multiple reporting standards across multiple countries.  

Just like a financial system, you also need a non-financial system.

Our view is that you will need two main systems in your company to manage performance and reporting. A finance system and a 'non-finance' system. Speeki is the non-finance system that houses ESG & Sustainability programmes and data across twenty different areas.

Reporting and disclosures are an outcome not an objective.

If you are struggling 'finding the data for ESG disclosures' then the chances are you don't have underlying programmes in place across key issues that are generating that data. Programmes first. Data second. Reporting third. That is the mantra that we live by to help companies get their ESG & Sustainability practices aligned and focused.

Tailored ESG solutions for US based businesses

Technology led solutions that are powered by intelligence

Speeki is designed to assist USA based enterprises in enhancing transparency and trust with all stakeholders, including investors, customers, employees, suppliers, and the broader community. Speeki enables companies to efficiently collect, manage, and process ESG & Sustainability information into well-structured reports, meeting the needs of mandatory regulatory disclosures from the SEC and state legislation.

Reporting ready for CA and SEC requirements 

Speeki is designed as a tech solution that helps you build programmes and then allows those programmes to be extracted into reports and disclosures to meet regulatory needs. Most of our competitors focus on reporting, which leaves you with a myriad of repeated requests for information which are constantly overlapping and serving no value other than reporting.

Embedded tools for comprehensive ESG oversight

Speeki was built by experts. It is different to other systems because we offer far more than just reporting. Explore embedded tools for incident reporting, surveys, disclosures, and more. Facilitate effective communication, promote transparency, and engage stakeholders through the platform. With over 1000 videos inside the platform to provide guidance and tips across twenty different topics.

Ready for assurance?

Speeki, through its accredited certification body subsidiary provides ESG & Sustainability assurance of your reporting. More than just a simple 'rick box' accounting check of emissions numbers, Speeki delves deep across your whole programme to validate the 'how' and the 'why'. Alongside your certificate, we provide a report on areas to focus, improve and our observations.  

Prepare for sustainability due diligence with Speeki

Speeki was founded by a team with over 15 years in building third party due diligence systems for leading Fortune 500 companies. We have the experience and knowledge of the underlying risk areas to help craft a sustainability due diligence programme for your value chain that adds value and identifies key areas of risk.

Speeki helps companies with their underlying programmes as well as their broader ESG & Sustainability strategies.

Need to reboot or enhance your whistleblowing programme?

Whistleblowing is part of Governance, the G in ESG. Most of the reporting and disclosure rules have a requirement for a programme and one that works. We provide multi-language, app-based leading edge whistleblower technology and help companies implement programmes according to best practices like ISO 37002.

Build, audit, or enhance your anti-bribery and FCPA compliance

FCPA compliance is also part of the G in ESG. With support from our consulting and assurance experts and the tools embedded inside Speeki, we can help build, rebuild, refresh, audit and certify (against ISO 37001) your FCPA and anti-bribery programmes. With over 20+ years in this area, our practical knowledge is extensive.

Human rights and modern day slavery issues are top of mind.

Having a statement on your website and a brief policy is not a human rights programme. The expectations of stakeholders and regulators are far beyond simple platitudes. We help build and document inside Speeki the programmes that add value, meet all regulatory expectations and ensure compliance.

ESG Expert

Scott Lane

Scott Lane has supported Fortune 500 companies for over twenty years with practical and focused advice on key compliance, governance, human rights, and risk areas. He has helped design, develop, and implement solutions across a range of ESG & Sustainability topics. With experience in energy management, GHG, information security, anti-bribery, governance, and whistleblowing, he provides strategy and practical solutions that focus on generating value for companies and the planet.

Scott Lane

Examples of how we can help USA based companies include the following.

Software for non-financial performance management and ESG & Sustainability reporting.

Speeki is our software platform to aid US businesses in managing, reporting, and enhancing their ESG & Sustainability practices. It provides an array of tools for data collection, metrics management, incident reporting, and allows reporting to evolving ESG reporting standards.

Solutions to manage sustainability due diligence of your value chain across the globe.

Speeki can help to build a comprehensive system for the qualification of your suppliers with evolving human rights, environmental, information security, privacy, and anti-bribery requirements. From risk assessments to background checks and full-audits on site, Speeki has solutions to help manage risk.

Certifications of key topics in ESG & Sustainability against ISO management system standards.

Speeki Europe is an accredited certification body that provides certifications of key compliance and governance areas. With a long history in certifications, we add value to companies to ensure their programmes are adequate, suitable, and effective to manage risk.

Help to train and educate your teams on ESG & Sustainability to drive awareness and compliance.

Speeki has short pre-made courses in multiple languages to train employees and partners on key topics across ESG & Sustainability. We also create custom courses and conduct on-site workshops around key topics. Training on key topics of your employees and your suppliers is an essential part of building awareness and changing behaviours.

Solutions to develop whistleblowing, anti-bribery, modern day slavery, governance programmes that add value.

Whether you have a simple policy and looking to move to a programme or you have an existing programme that you would like enhancing, Speeki has the requisite tools and skills to support your objectives. We are experts on the underlying risk areas and can help craft programmes that add value to your business.

Audits and assurance of your ESG reports that add value and protect against allegations of greenwashing.

Speeki audits and assures ESG & Sustainability reports against known standards. Your Board is accountable for assurance and oversight and will look for your key non-financial reports to be assured. Assurance is more than just 'adding up numbers', it involves a deep understanding of underlying issues.

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