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Get ISO 37001 and ISO 37301 certified today.Assurance of ESG initiatives

Your ESG Report took a lot of work. Our job is to make sure it's accurate and complete.

Protect your report — show your organisation has nothing to hide and have your ESG report assured against your chosen standard(s).
Gaining assurance with Speeki Guardian™ is the best way to detect and prevent potential gaps, risks of greenwashing, and misrepresentation.

European ESRS standards assurance.

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What is CSRD and ESRS reporting system?

In January 2023, the European Union adopted the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), which requires EU and non-EU companies with activities in the EU to file annual sustainability reports alongside their financial statements. These reports must be prepared in accordance with European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS).

What is required?

Together, the CSRD and ESRS require companies to:

Perform materiality assessments on each sustainability topic applying the double materiality principle to work out which information should be reported. (In line with double materiality, companies must report if sustainability information is material from either a financial or an impact perspective, taking account of people and the environment.)

Report on the material impacts, risks and opportunities (IROs) identified in the company’s own operations, those of its group and those of its upstream and downstream value chain.

Provide metrics and targets for material sustainability topics and connect these to their financial reports.

Have their sustainability disclosures audited by an independent third-party auditor before they are filed with the relevant authority.

There are several new standards that are country or industry based being released.

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Are all these standards requiring assurance?

Assurance or conformity with a standard will very mch depend on the standard's requirements and your own approach to transparency. Companies are increasingly adopting assurance as more and more complex reporting systems are being introduced.

Will I need to have multiple reports assured?

It will very much depend on the situation, but the short and most likely answer is: yes. There is a growing need for assurance solutions in the non-financial space and we will likely see these develop further in years to come.

Showcase your commitment to great practices with Speeki Guardian™

  • Build trust with your stakeholders

    Establish your credibility in the market and gain a competitive advantage, whilst stabilising partner ecosystems, increasing operational efficiencies, and reducing your organisation’s risk of challenges and litigation.

  • Prove credibility through assurance

    Demonstrate that you have been independently assured and are using international best practices in your ESG reporting system. Furthermore, be a source of pride for professionals within your team and, in turn, leverage their brand advocacy.

  • Avoid litigation and fines and reputation impacts

    Extend good reporting requirements to have your report assured by an expert. Reduce the risk of greenwashing allegations and potential fines from regulators and shareholders.

  • Increase your competitive advantage

    Differentiate your organisation, and align it with global best practices. Meet your legal requirements on assurance and use the Speeki Guardian™ project as a key selling point when showcasing your ESG and sustainability efforts.

best practices building trust
private organisations

Where to start?

  • Select your assurance partner early in your reporting cycle. They will need time to study and get up to speed on your reporting system as well your overall ESG infrastructure.

  • Work with your assurance firm as your partner, not just as supplier of an assurance letter on your reporting.

  • Reach out to Speeki and have a dialogue now about Speeki Guardian™.

Example: Preparing for Speeki Guardian™ assurance.

Make sure your company is ready for Speeki Guardian™ assurance so that you can obtain assurance efficiently. To help your organisation to prepare, we have created Speeki Guardian™ pre-assurance services to gauge your preparedness and allow you to correct any systemic problems that might be present.

A comprehensive ESG risk system in place that covers all key and material areas

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A programme in place for the main ESG areas that follows recognised frameworks

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The operation of your ESG programmes that allows you to produce some metrics on achievements

decorative image

Well documented programmes that are easily accessible, preferably in an online system

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Management, leadership, commitment and responsibility

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Monitoring and measuring of your goals and achievements across all key areas

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Identification of relevant reporting standards

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A draft report against those reporting standards.

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Our Assurance Process

Every Speeki Guardian™ assurance project begins with a substantial review of your ESG programme. We need to scope out your programme and work out how to conduct our assurance of your reporting. Our scope will very much depend on your company, its ESG focus areas and the depth and coverage of your programme. Of course, your draft report and how it is collated also has an impact on how we will tackle the review.

If your business is ready to start Speeki Guardian™ assurance process, we will devise an audit plan together and then once agreed kick off the formal Speeki Guardian™ project. The audit plan is most likely able to be replicated each year and phased throughout the year so not all of our project to time is based on your report production.



  • What does the assurance process cover?


    • Assesses an organisation’s ESG system: how it is designed, implemented, controlled and improved
    • We cover the specific areas of the reporting standard against which we are reporting

  • What do I get from your assurance?


    A detailed report on your organisation’s conformity with the reporting standard and a list of findings identifying non-conformities, opportunities for improvement, best practices, observations and more.

  • Do we get a certificate?


    Yes. Once the Certification Committee verifies that the Speeki Guardian™ assurance requirements are fulfilled, Speeki provides a certificate of assurance.