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One of the biggest areas within the ESG spectrum is anti-bribery and corruption. It is at the heart of the G in ESG and has been the leading area of focus for the last 20 years. With fines and litigation increasing and the reputational damage dwarfing those costs, there is a significant focus on managing bribery risks. Speeki provides a range of solutions to help build, manage, rate and certify anti-bribery programmes. We don't just 'manage' the risks, we 'leverage' them.

Anti-bribery solutions

Speeki looks at anti-bribery programmes in two ways...

Speeki looks at most programmes from two perspectives. The first half of the process is to build programmes and the second half is to audit, rate or certify them.

Speeki can work on either side of the anti-bribery programme but not at the same time for the same client. Our independence requirements as a certification body will kick in to prevent us from any actual or perceived conflicts of interest. We will work with you to explain where we can add the most value.

Design, Build, & Manage

Speeki can help with the 'first half' of your anti-bribery programme building a programme that meets both the Engage framework requirements and also ISO 37001, the relevant ISO standard covering anti-bribery and corruption management systems.

Audit, Rate and Certify

For almost twenty years, Speeki through its acquired certification body, Speeki Europe, has been the leading provider of anti-bribery certifications globally. Speeki Europe continues to audit and certify companies at the very highest level of the industry for large globally-listed companies.

Building amazing eLearning courses

We have built custom and ready-made eLearning courses in multiple languages ready for use by clients on key anti-bribery topics.

Developing technology solutions for key tasks

We have built core anti-bribery tools into our Speeki platform. Building technology is one of our core skillsets.

Revisiting policies, procedures and other core documents

We love taking complex legal documents and redrafting them into one-page infographics.  

Due Diligence

Our experts have designed and built more third-party due diligence programmes than probably anyone in the market.

Anti bribery management systems ISO certification ISO 37001:2016

Take on more business risks. Speeki is the ultimate business enabler.

At Speeki, we believe that managing anti-bribery risks is actually an opportunity. Reducing risks to manageable levels means you can take on more business risk. The whole point of business is to push boundaries and our job is to allow a business to do that by managing risk so the business teams don't have to be concerned by it.

We are the world leader in certifications on ISO 37001, the anti-bribery management systems standard from ISO. Great businesses get certified to show their customers they are the 'safe option' in the market.
Not quite ready for a certification, start with a Speeki Rating on your programme or our pre-certification solutions and build up to the gold standard of certification.

Need help with your third party due diligence?

Like the anti-bribery programme, this is now more complex as you consider broader ESG issues. We have the expertise and knowledge to make this programme valuable to the business.

Want to audit a channel partner, supplier or your subsidiary?

We can conduct audits on anti-bribery programmes of channel partners, suppliers or your own subsidiaries. Proactive, reactive or ready for investment. Any country. Any language.

Want to look at metrics and measuring your programme effectiveness?

You spend time on building programmes but don't spend enough time on monitoring, measuring and perfecting the performance. We can help with templates, software and guidance.

Bribery and corruption dashboard
ESG Expert

Scott Lane

Scott Lane has been involved in developing, reviewing and improving anti-bribery and corruption prevention programmes for over 25 years. He has consulted to the largest companies in the world and developed programmes across the globe. Scott is a respected thought leader in anti-bribery compliance and has spoken at over 50 global events and published 100s of articles and stories on anti-bribery compliance.

Scott Lane

Why choose Speeki to help you with anti-corruption matters?

Speeki has some of the most experienced and practical professionals in the industry today with the depth of experience in emerging markets. We have worked in over 100 countries with anti-bribery projects and have trained tens of thousands of people. This is our space.

Practical not theoretical

We pride ourselves on risk-based advice. We strongly discourage the 'doomsday' advice by some counsel but rather encourage you to be realistic and risk-based. There is clearly a time for conservatism in compliance but it is uncommon. Business expects a programme to make sense and help the business not hinder it.

Accredited certification body

Our skillset in anti-bribery matters is assessed twice a year by our own accreditation bodies who certify our ability to certify companies in this space. We are across all the latest country trends, regulations and best practices. We have a brand that clients trust for expertise in anti-corruption matters.

Fair price and flexible.

We are significantly less expensive than outside counsel and the global accounting firms. Most of our projects are fixed price and we rarely engage junior staff on key projects. We tend to use higher level staff that are more expensive but manage to do things in half the time.

International ready experts

Our key experts have worked across the globe in anti-corruption programmes and investigations with detailed experience in key hotspots like the USA, China, Asia South, Brazil, Russia, the Middle East and Africa. We have the depth of experience required to help with global initiatives.

Consulting, auditing, and coaching

Our focus is to help clients in many ways. We can coach new in-house teams, provide heavy lifting programme development or only get involved in audit and monitoring activities. We are flexible as to where we can be involved subject to our certification independence requirements.

Standards based programmes

Some practitioners in this space follow guidance from the USA DOJ from twenty years ago and continue to build super custom programmes at every opportunity to maximise their revenue opportunity. We believe in standards and using trusted and proven standards like ISO 37001 to save time and money.

Speeki is the solution for building, managing and certifying anti-bribery.

Want to know more? Attend one of our Speeki Academy workshops or reach out to a salesperson for a demonstration.
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