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Speeki Guardian™ provides assurance for your ESG Reports

Get ISO 37001 and ISO 37301 certified today.Assurance of ESG initiatives

Mandatory: Assurance for your ESG Reporting

We are all used to having our corporate financials audited and assured according to a Standard (e.g. IFRS., GAAP). Now it is the non-financial reporting time and the associated assurance requirements.

While companies have been having their ESG reporting prepared and published for some time, it is now becoming required and (in other cases) strongly encouraged to have those reports assured by an independent party. Speeki, with its experience in all aspects of ESG, and knowing the reporting standards very well, provides assurance services, known as Speeki Guardian™.

Speeki Guardian™ is an independent assurance solution provided by Speeki Europe.

Speeki Guardian™ is provided by Speeki Europe only when the engagement is independent and conflict free.

  • Speeki, through our Europe subsidiary, Speeki Europe, is 100% focused on assurance. That is our focus and we know it well.

  • Speeki Guardian™ projects are only entered into when our strict guidelines on conflicts and independence are confirmed. In short, we don't provide assurance to something we were involved in building.


Speeki has expert content knowledge.

  • Speeki has deep expertise in all areas of ESG and sustainability. That is more than just environmental and climate change reporting.

  • We also have expertise on the reporting standards having built our own Speeki platform where reporting is a key feature.

  • Our auditing expertise supports clients with on-site, off-site and hybrid audits that makes sense on the situation


Audit Expertise from over 10 years of ISO auditing and certification.

  • We have been involved in auditing and certification for over ten years with being a leading provider of ISO certifications in key ESG areas. This makes Speeki Guardian™ a high quality solution for your ESG assurance project.

  • A mixture of interviews, assessments, documentation review and measuring are all the tools in our assurance toolkit.


Global. Any country. Any language.

  • We have the ability to conduct a Speeki Guardian™ project globally with a hybrid remote and on-site model that works for your company.

  • With our ability to scale our resources quickly, we have the people and technology to provide Speeki Guardian™ solutions across all or any part of your ESG programmes.

outcome of certification

The benefits of assurance of your ESG reporting.

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    Having your ESG Reporting assured to be in compliance with the ESG reporting standard of your choice, adds depth and power to your report and is an essential part of your non-financial reporting.

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    Assurance builds trust with your stakeholders. It is recognition that they can rely on your reporting and have trust that it accurately reflects your ESG and sustainability position.

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    Assurance is your best protection against an allegation of greenwashing, brought by a regulator, a shareholder, or a community interest group. Think of it as insurance that builds a layer of protection around the company's reporting.

Speeki Guardian™ assurance adds significant street credibility to regulators and your stakeholders of your ESG reporting.

Build trust with stakeholders

Assurance showcases your dedication to meeting your ESG objectives and obligations. It is a sign to all your stakeholders that you are proud of your ESG achievements and ready to showcase them to the World. Coupled with your financial reporting it shows the value of your company.

Boost economic and social returns

Transform your stakeholders into brand advocates and ROI generators by increasing their confidence in your organsiation. Assure them that your processes are standardised and your business policies, systems, and implemented programmes comply with all industry regulations.

Maximise shareholder value.

Elevate your organisation into a select group that demonstrates its ESG excellence with an independent assurance of ESG and sustainability. It takes a strong company to assure both its financial and non-financial records against leading standards. Speeki looks to help companies with their non-financial assurance to maximise shareholder value.


Speeki Guardian™ features

  • A benchmark for ESG reporting

    By providing its assurance, Speeki Guardian™ allows you to benchmark your non-financial results against international standards. You can prove that your reporting system is accurate and free from 'greenwashing'.

  • Guidance through the assurance process

    We dedicate a team to take you step-by-step through obtaining assurance with Speeki Guardian™. Our project management team will also help to provide a clear and accurate picture of the timing and resources involved.

  • Targeted preparatory training

    Speeki provides expert training in the applicable ESG reporting standard, tailored to the needs of the different groups involved, to help you prepare for the assurance process. This is an additional training service offered to Speeki Guardian™ clients.

  • Practical structure for a dynamic reporting system

    We help you to implement a systematic approach to ESG reporting and establish best practices. Part of Speeki Guardian™ looks at the way that you complete your annual reporting and the 'system' that surrounds it.

  • Benefit of ISO 37001 certification
  • Measures for achieving continual improvement

    Speeki Guardian™ provides a detailed report with actionable findings to ensure continual improvement of your ESG reporting system. While we can't fix it for you, we can advise you on where your system lacks conformity and give opportunities for improvement.

  • Our commitment to your ESG reporting initiatives

    While we provide annual assurance as part of Speeki Guardian™, we commit to a three year Speeki Guardian™ engagement to help you gain value from the investment you are making in assurance and allows us to truly partner with you on your ESG and sustainability reporting journey.

Independence is important to our assurance and certification work

Speeki is committed to guaranteeing the highest level of professionalism and impartiality in its assurance projects.  The commitment from our CEO is shown below and embedded in our policies surrounding accepting certification projects.

"Speeki Europe complies with all of the ISO/IEC 17021-1 & ISO/IEC 17021-9 standards' guidelines, regarding impartiality in our assurance and certification products. Speeki Europe ensures that its employees and auditors will not yield to any commercial, financial or other form of pressure regardless of the nature, from clients who might try to influence Speeki Europe decisions around awarding a certification or any assurance project.

Likewise, other Speeki group companies and employees will not press upon Speeki Europe any commercial, financial or other form of pressure to influence Speeki Europe decisions.

The management of Speeki is committed to preventing any form of conflict of interest which could affect the impartiality of its decisions. The top management has implemented a management system to evaluate, monitor and document any risk of conflict of interest related to its certification activity.”

Paris, Oct 2, 2023
Scott Lane, CEO of Speeki  


Experienced, committed, and trusted – why choose us?

Speeki is unique in that we truly possess the ESG expertise along with assurance experience.  Speeki, through its subsidiary Speeki Europe, is fully accredited to certify certain management systems according to the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO*). Our many years of expertise in ISO give us the experience to provide ESG reporting assurance for clients. We are uniquely qualified to provide the assurance services contemplated by Speeki Guardian™.

ISO 37001 certification

Deep domain expertise in ESG

We apply our expertise to provide assurance and certification solutions to global companies on their ESG initiatives. Speeki has the experience, expertise, and commitment to its clients to assist in the assurance of their ESG reporting.

Experienced auditors working globally

Our in-house auditors are highly experienced. Many of them have been involved in developing ESG programmes in-house and have comprehensively designed, implemented, and maintained ESG programmes. Our coverage includes all areas of the globe, all languages, and all industries.

Experts in non-financial reporting

We have the expertise in non-financial reporting and not a “tick and flick” assurance exercise. To be experts in non-financial assurance needs skills in business, risk, process, and the core content areas covered within ESG. Our commitment to clients is unparalleled.

*ISO, the International Organisation for Standardisation, is an independent, non-governmental international organisation regrouping 164 national standards bodies such as ANSI in the US or BSI in the UK. These oversee developing international standards through a process of consensus. In 2016, ISO created a Technical Committee, the ISO/TC 309, specifically responsible for developing standards related to the “Governance of Organisations”. (www.iso.org/home.html)
ANAB: ANSI National Accreditation Board is an Accreditation Body based in the United States. (anab.ansi.org/)
COFRAC: Comité Français d’Accréditation is the French Accreditation Body (COFRAC Accreditation N°4-0609. List of locations and scope available at www.cofrac.fr).


Risk Areas addressed

Good ESG management systems