Speak Up Policy

Last updated:
September 1, 2021

About the Policy

We make every effort to protect Speeki's reputation and we must be clear, concise, honest and fair in our dealings with clients, suppliers, business partners, governance and each other. If you think a behaviour falls short in any respect, please let us know. This programme helps Speeki strengthen its governance system, engage with others and keep people safe.

Who can report to Speeki?

  • Anyone. We want to hear all voices!

Types of issues you can report about

  • Any topic whatsoever can be raised through our reporting system
  • We do, however, recommend that you not use it for Support issues, as there are better ways to have matters concerning product support answered

Making a disclosure

  • Any party can report suspected policy violations through Speeki's App or web portal.
  • For more information please click here.