BSI receives ISO 37001 certification by Speeki Europe

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BSI receives ISO 37001 certification by Speeki Europe

The significance of anti-bribery compliance 

In an increasingly globalised business landscape, anti-bribery compliance is crucial. It fosters ethical business practices, safeguards your organisation from legal repercussions and reputational damage due to involvement in corrupt practices, and can also improve your sales by getting access to markets and clients that require certification against an international standard. 

Transforming compliance with an ISO 37001 certification 

ISO 37001 stands out as a globally recognised standard. It guides organisations in establishing, implementing and maintaining an anti-bribery management system that provides a comprehensive approach to mitigating bribery risks.

Achieving ISO 37001 certification signifies an organisation's unwavering commitment to ethical standards, fostering increased trust and sustained growth while avoiding significant fines or investigation costs. 

The British Standards Institution (BSI) chose Speeki to get ISO 37001 certified 

BSI pioneered the definition of the ISO 37001 standard by being the first standardisation national body to draft a standard to address bribery prevention (the forefather standard BS 10500). BSI then played a key role in transitioning to an international standard. 

When BSI decided to certify its own anti-bribery management system, it chose Speeki Europe due to Speeki’s expertise in ISO certifications and its commitment to ethical standards. 

Selecting the right certification body is pivotal in ensuring the credibility of the certification process. The certification body plays a crucial role in upholding the integrity of the certification, and organisations should carefully consider factors such as reputation, expertise, accreditation and global recognition when making this choice. 

As an ISO-accredited certification body, Speeki Europe is a leader in ESG assurance, providing ESG report assurance, corporate due diligence assurance and ISO certifications for ISO 37001 and ISO 37301. With Speeki Europe’s certification services, companies worldwide strengthen their business integrity, boost stakeholder confidence and ensure global compliance. 

It is encouraging to witness certification industry leaders like BSI leading the way in transparent and fair certification practices based on trust. 

BSI audit outcome 

BSI has showcased its commitment to delivering trusted services by certifying its anti-bribery management system across all its activities and key locations.  

A review of BSI’s structure, documentation and risk profile and the conduct of a thorough audit across several key countries and sites confirmed the implementation of an effective and fit-for-purpose system. This dedication ensures that the best international practices for corruption prevention are met, contributing to the credibility of the certification process. 

Speeki Europe is proud to have accompanied a major player in the certification industry, encouraging the market to lead by example. 

Benefits of ISO 37001 certification 

There are several reasons why ISO 37001 is the best way to manage anti-bribery compliance. 

Reduced risk of bribery and corrupt practices 

ISO 37001 enables organisations to identify and mitigate bribery risks, implement controls and evaluate effectiveness. Following a simple guided framework prevents employees from engaging in bribery and establishes financial controls for monitoring transactions. 

Increased transparency and accountability 

ISO 37001 mandates transparent anti-bribery policies and procedures, fostering trust among stakeholders. Organisations gain greater stakeholder buy-in by publishing policies, conducting training, and demonstrating commitment and a serious approach to managing bribery risks. 

Improved compliance with laws and regulations 

ISO 37001 aligns with anti-bribery laws worldwide, allowing for the centralisation of anti-bribery efforts. Organisations can operate across multiple countries with different laws while following the unified ISO 37001 standard, remaining compliant with regulations like the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the United Kingdom Bribery Act and more. 

Enhanced reputation by proving compliance 

ISO 37001 certification from an accredited ISO certification body such as Speeki Europe elevates an organisation's reputation as responsible and ethical. The brand presence of a certification can attract customers, investors and employees who value a strong anti-corruption culture, and certified organisations stand out as attractive investment targets that are backed by robust anti-bribery frameworks. 


This shift towards increased trust is fundamental in establishing a culture of ethical business conduct, fostering a global environment where organisations can thrive with integrity. 

'At Speeki Europe, we are dedicated to assisting organisations in elevating their anti-bribery compliance through ISO 37001 certification,' says Scott Lane, CEO and Founder of Speeki Europe. 'Our comprehensive approach and unyielding commitment to excellence empower businesses worldwide to not only meet but surpass global anti-bribery standards.' 

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