Speeki merges with its sister company ETHIC Intelligence

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Speeki merges with its sister company ETHIC Intelligence

Singapore, 5 May 2022 | Speeki, a leading compliance, governance and ESG software company, has merged with its sister company, ETHIC Intelligence.

While the two innovative entities have been under common ownership for the last few years, the decision was made to now consolidate the two companies in order to leverage their strengths and the opportunities to really expand into the ESG market, as well as take advantage of the cost synergy of combining operations.

Speeki will incorporate ETHIC Intelligence’s French firm into its global operations, with the former ETHIC Intelligence Paris office being the new head of Speeki’s European operations. The newly-named Speeki Europe SAS will be the Speeki subsidiary in Europe for sales and delivery of the Speeki platform, and will remain the exclusive sales and delivery operation for the ISO certification products for which it is an accredited certification body.

‘Combining these entities that were already under common ownership makes sense from a business perspective and allows us to continue to offer the impartiality required for our certification products, which remains our priority when auditing and certifying companies on their anti-bribery or compliance management systems,’ says Scott Lane, CEO of Speeki. 'A broader offering across the compliance, governance and ESG spectrum allows us to provide better solutions to clients across the globe and help them maximise their ESG investments'

For ETHIC Intelligence, it means a new name and the adoption of the Speeki brand – a fresh new brand that embodies its value of ‘hearing all voices’. Being a leader in the innovative software space, Speeki brings the opportunity to incorporate more technology into governance and compliance audits and certifications. The new Speeki Europe will release additional products focused on governance, compliance and ESG ratings in the near future, in addition to its certification products. The existing ETHIC Intelligence team will become employees of the Speeki group and will take on additional roles to globalise the Speeki brand and product offerings as it develops its coverage of key ESG risk areas and products in the ESG space.

About Speeki

Speeki is an innovative software platform that enables companies to meet their environmental, social and governance (ESG) obligations more effectively. Speeki’s signals, insights, actions process collects data on ESG risks from multiple sources, analyses that data to generate powerful insights, and suggests relevant actions for significant transformational improvement of your ESG processes. Speeki warns you about risks earlier and allows you to closely engage with employees and other stakeholders, giving you improved compliance and ultimately enhancing your business sustainability.

Speeki® – take no chances, hear all voices.

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