App reporting

Learn how to report an incident effectively with our step-by-step guide.

How to report an incident?

You can report as a Guest or a Registered user. Report as a registered user if you want to receive app notifications, case updates and track your reports anytime. By reporting as a Guest, you will need to remember your CASE ID and your PIN to check your report status and updates.

To report an incident click on the plus icon to begin.

Speeki App Welcome page


Speeki App Start to page


Speeki App Start a new report or See my Cases page

Nicole, the virtual agent, will ask you questions and guide you to submit a report. Click YES, GO AHEAD.

Speeki App Start a new report page

You can report anonymously or provide your contact information so case managers can reach out to you when needed. You may also choose to exclude a case a manager from viewing your report. Then click CONTINUE.

Speeki App New conversation details page

Follow the prompts.

Add evidence and/or supporting documentation.

To Submit your report, click SEND.

Speeki App Review Conversation page

If you are reporting as Guest, you will need to set your report PIN.

Make sure to remember your report PIN as you need this later to view your report status.
Speeki App Set Report PIN page

By reporting as a Guest, you have the option to provide your email address for receiving a copy of the submitted report, PIN, report ID and report updates.

Speeki App Receive an update page