How do you schedule a survey?

This article covers how to schedule a survey which includes providing basic information for your survey, setting the duration of your survey, and selecting the audience for your survey.

Getting to the Schedule Survey page

There are 4 ways to get to the page for scheduling your survey:

  • By skipping the action of saving a questionnaire or an edited template;
  • By clicking on SCHEDULE NOW immediately after creating a new template;
  • By selecting an existing template or after editing an existing template and clicking on SCHEDULE SURVEY; and

  • By clicking on a survey draft.

Schedule Survey page

The following information would be asked when scheduling a survey:

  1. Basic information;
  2. Duration; and
  3. Audience.

Basic information

Basic information will ask you to provide a unique Survey name and survey Description. Only the survey name is a required field and the value inputted in it will be visible to the respondents as the name that appears in their Survey Lists. On the other hand, the value you will input in description will only be visible to you. Note that the description in basic information is different from the description fields in creating a questionnaire.



Duration will ask you to provide a Start date and End date, or a survey period, for which you want to run your survey. Both the start date and end date are required fields. Note that the start date must be set before 8:00 AM of the country you will be selecting in the Audience field.



Audience will ask you to set the Relationship and Country of the respondents whom you are targeting to receive your survey.