Incident Manager - case follow up

After I review the case, what do I do?

Complete the following fields:

Case Owner - This individual owns the report & conclusion of the report.

Stakeholders - Individuals involved in report resolution.  Please note - these individuals have access to sensitive report information and can view all details within the case.

Misconduct category (incident type) - Select the incident type.  This may differ from the original report after your report review.

Case Manager Case ownership and category section

Choose the Severity & Urgency score. (not mandatory)  This is a way to score your reports.

Triage score section

Add the following details:

  • Country where incident occurred
  • State where incident occurred
  • City where incident occurred
  • Location where incident occurred
  • Financial loss/damages to the company
  • Currency

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Case Details section

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  • Type of individual involved*
  • Email address
  • Name*
  • Position
  • Relationship to the company*
  • Business Unit

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Individual(s) involved section

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