January 2023 Release

Release 3.1.8


  • Fixed issue in case counting on the Dashboard.

Release 3.1.7


  • We added descriptions of each incident type so reporters can decide the most appropriate incident type to select before they submit a report.


  • We added a clear (x) button in the Company name field so users will be able to delete quickly if they selected incorrect company name on the textfield.

Release 3.1.3


Mobile App

  • Date format is now unified in the mobile app.

Bug Fixes

  • Email template update: When inviting new users to access the Speeki Platform of an SSO-enabled client, the email is for information only and does not require them to set up a new password.
  • Fixed issue on displaying Email Group setting.

Release 3.1.2

Bug Fix

  • Fixed password set up issue.