January 2024 release

Release 4.1.2 - Profile

ESRS Topic Choices based on Material Assessments

  • Users can now select topics under Settings/Profile, so ESRS questions will be displayed based on their topical choices. This supports and complies with the ESRS general guidelines that require companies to conduct material assessments and select topical requirements based on the assessment.

Configuring Risk Areas/Topics in Profile

  • Users can now merge one risk area into another when disabling a risk area. For example, users can choose to merge 'Energy Innovation' into 'Climate Stability'. As a result, all requirements and questions originally displayed under 'Energy Innovation' will appear in the 'Climate Stability' section.
  • This feature allows clients to freely configure risk areas tailored to their own ESG & Sustainability Programmes, without losing the benefits and advantages of the requirements/guidelines against various Standards, which are pre-mapped by Speeki Experts.

Release 4.1.1 - Speeki Platform

New Feature: Get Nicole's Insight

  • We have introduced "Get Nicole's Insight" to enhance question responses. Nicole, our AI assistant, will help users in crafting or outlining content with precision and speed based on the provided prompt.

New Feature: Approvals are now available in Declare & Disclose!

  • A simple and easy Approval functionality is now available to help you manage requests
  • Client admin can now approve or decline requests submitted by users
  • Client admin can revert approved or declined requests
  • Client admin can add reasons to support approvals
  • Approval history can be tracked from the Comments thread
  • Users get notifications - both in app and via email, on the status of their requests
  • Updates to the Declare & Disclose dashboard
  • Client admin can now see a notification on any new form from the Dashboard summary
  • Client admin can now see the number of Approved or Declined forms per user

Instant message enhancement

  • In case of incorrectly sent chat messages, incident managers can delete them
  • If the message is not sent successfully, the user will see an error message immediately
  • During the sending process, the user will see a loading effect