March 2023 release

Release 3.3.5

Web Portal

  • Reporters can now switch their language without logging in to their company's Welcome page in the Web Portal.

Release 3.3.4

Speeki Platform

  • We have created Report Trends in the dashboard which consists of charts presenting analytics data for reported cases. Client admins will have the ability to:
  • Filter the data by date, risk category, case owner, and country.
  • Set the date range from which the data in the charts will be displayed.
  • View the following charts:
  • Cases reported by channel
  • Cases reported and closed over a selected period of time
  • Cases reported by country
  • Cases reported by incident type
  • Average days to close a case by month
  • Average days to close a case by incident type
  • We are excited in this release to have added our new ESG Profile.
  • The ESG Profile allows clients to manage the progress of their ESG programmes using Speeki’s proprietary Engage methodology.  Engage provides a simple, consistent method to build, manage and report on all your material ESG topics.
  • We have added an announcement that will inform Speeki Platform users of new features and updates within the system.
  • We have updated the menu navigation for a better user experience.

Release 3.3.3

Speeki eLine

  • eLine cases are now mapped to the country in which the reporter called from.

Release 3.3.2

Speeki Platform

  • The "No Update" email reminder will now only send for open and active cases.