Multi-factor authentication (MFA) setup

This article is for Speeki mobile app users who are required to activate their MFA


  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) adds a second layer of security to your Speeki mobile app account.
  • Set up MFA by installing an authenticator app on your mobile device, and following the steps in the Speeki Web Portal or mobile app to complete the process.
  • You may use Google Authenticator or the Authy app for quick and easy authentication.

Requirements for setting up MFA

  • A registered user account and login credentials within the Speeki mobile app.
  • Your organisation's admin has enabled MFA within your Speeki Platform settings.
  • An authenticator app installed on a smartphone, device or computer with an internet connection.
  • A secondary email address, which is different to the one you use to log in to the Speeki mobile app. The system will use this email address to send you instructions on how to reset your MFA after you requested to reset it via the Web Portal or mobile app.

Set up MFA when logging in or signing up

You can set up MFA when you log in or sign up via the Speeki web portal or mobile app.

To set up MFA you'll need to access your organisation's Speeki Web Portal using a web browser or download Speeki mobile app in your smartphone. Follow the steps below to set it up in Speeki Web portal.

1. Go to your organisation's Speeki Web Portal or

2. If you use, type your company in the Company Name field then click CONTINUE.

3. On your organisation's welcome page, click LOG IN button.

4. Enter your email address and password, then click LOG IN.

5. Choose an authenticator app. We recommend Google Authenticator but you can use any authenticator app in your mobile's app store or play store, then install the app.

6. Tap the add icon (+)  then select Scan a QR code. You can follow the steps in Speeki Web portal to add your account to the app.

Setup MFA to your account in Speeki Platform

If you're using the device you've installed the authenticator app on to navigate the setup flow, you’ll have to tap Enter key instead of scanning the QR code. Switch from your browser app to your authenticator app and tap the add icon (+) then enter your email address and setup key, before continuing in Speeki Web Portal.

7. Click NEXT, add a secondary email address, then click CONFIRM.

Add recovery email address to be used in resetting your MFA

You're now set up to use MFA next time you log into the Speeki Web Portal or mobile app.

You can also checkout the steps on the videos below.

Web Portal

Mobile App