October 2022 release

Release 2.10.8

Bug Fix

  • Fixed typo error in Country Anonymity settings
  • Fixed issue when refreshing WebPortal page

Release 2.10.6

Bug Fix

  • Fixed issue in WebPortal redirecting to white-screen page

Release 2.10.5

  • Reporters can now choose country from a dropdown list rather than typing it, avoiding any typo errors.
  • Chat is now available for E-line cases using WebPortal and mobile app.
  • Name format has now been unified in the application as First name, Last name order.
  • User interface improvements.

Release 2.10.4

Bug Fix

  • Fixed looping login issue in Speeki platform  

Release 2.10.3

  • Updated copy for "Apple' permission description 

Bug Fix

  • Fixed the in app notification issue.

Release 2.10.2

  • Added translations in Portal Messaging chat