September 2022 release

Release 2.10.1

Bug Fix

  • Resolved a typo on the submission summary

Release 2.9.6

Speeki Platform

Bug Fix

  • Resolved numeric case ID issue within the chat function

Release 2.9.5

Speeki Platform

  • Administrators have now the option to enable Multi-Factor Authentication in their Speeki Platform which provides an additional security layer and decreases the chance of client accounts becoming compromised.
  • Biometric authentication has been enhanced to provide a more secure login experience for mobile app users and to save them time typing passwords.
  • Speeki mobile app has now been added in our Sentry monitoring tool giving us a better overview of Speeki applications' health and performance in real-time to supply a better experience to our users.
  • Administrators can now customize their company's headline displayed in the Web Portal and the Mobile app.
  • User experience/UI improvements
  • Performance, security, and stability improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed typo in countries to: Antigua and Barbuda, Bouvet Island, Slovenia
  • Fixed blurry images on the onboarding screen when you first open the Speeki mobile app
  • Fixed missing input validations in the Declare and Disclose tool
  • Fixed notification issue in Survey when duplicate email address was entered

Release 2.9.4


  • Communication improvements (tooltips, application status, failed payment)
  • User experience/UI improvements on expert’s comments and questionnaires
  • Extended accepted file formats
  • Enhanced the validation process when uploading files

Release 2.9.3

Web Portal

Bug Fix

  • Fixed issue when chat messages disappeared when the user changed their language to Chinese