September 2023 Release

Release 3.9.1 - Profile

With the latest update, we have renamed ESG Profile to simplyProfileto simplify the user experience and streamline the interface.

New Feature: All-New Integrated Navigator for Profile Questionnaires

  • Unified Risk Topic Scrolling: No longer are users confined to navigating questions within a single risk topic. Our new navigator allows seamless scrolling across all risk topics, enabling users to effortlessly locate and answer any question from any topic.
  • Dynamic Section Count: Track of the progress on the number of questions in each section. Whether organized by engagement steps or topics, users will always know what lies ahead.
  • Expandable Question Preview: The navigation pane now expands to display questions within each profile section, allowing users to pinpoint exactly where they’d like to engage.

New Feature: Answer Status Indicator

  • With our new answer/not-answer indicator, users can instantly see which questions are answered or pending—whether they're folded or viewed through the navigator.

New Feature: Enhanced Text Editing with WYSIWYG

  • We're taking content formatting to the next level. With our newly integrated WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, users can now create structured and visually appealing answers with ease. Audio detection feature is a plus.

UI/UX Improvements: The Sticky 'Save' Button

  • To maximize usability, we’ve introduced a sticky 'Save' button that stays within user’s field of view. Now, users can save their progress without the need to scroll, making the workflow more intuitive, without losing any work!


Release 3.9.0 - Speeki Platform

New Feature: Blue Dot Indicator for Unread Messages

  • We introduced a new feature to the Incident Manager dashboard - the Blue Dot Indicator for Unread Messages. This indicator will provide users with a visual cue to easily identify unread messages within incidents, improving overall incident management efficiency.
  • The blue dot indicator ensures that incident managers can quickly identify incidents that have unread messages, preventing important information from being overlooked.