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Collect acknowledgements for codes of conduct and ethics

This online form confirms your receipt of the company's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the "Code").  Everyone working with the company (employees, suppliers, etc.) must acknowledge the Code.  The Code outlines the company's commitment to ethical practices and sets the standards for conducting business. By agreeing, you acknowledge understanding the Code and commit to following its principles.

Conflicts of interest
ESG disclosure
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Ensure transparency and employee awareness with Speeki's user-friendly Code of Business Conduct & Ethics Receipt Acknowledgement template.

Speeki empowers your organisation to efficiently manage employee acknowledgement of your Code of Business Conduct & Ethics. Our digital platform simplifies the acknowledgement process, ensuring all employees are aware of and understand your company's ethical expectations.

Benefits of Speeki's COBC&E Receipt Acknowledgement Template:

  • Enhanced transparency: Promote transparency and accountability by fostering employee awareness of your Code of Business Conduct & Ethics.
  • Streamlined process: Save time and resources with a user-friendly online acknowledgement system.
  • Improved efficiency: Efficiently track employee completion of the acknowledgement process.
  • Demonstrated commitment: Show your commitment to ethical conduct by establishing a clear acknowledgement process.

Speeki's streamlined acknowledgement features:

  • Accessible online platform: Employees can access and complete the acknowledgement form electronically from any device.
  • Pre-loaded Code of Business Conduct & Ethics document: Ensure convenient access to the latest version of your Code of Business Conduct & Ethics within the acknowledgement process.
  • Automated reminders: Set reminders to ensure timely completion of the acknowledgement by all employees.
  • Detailed reporting: Generate reports to track employee acknowledgement completion rates.
  • Digital signature capture: Capture electronic signatures for a secure and verifiable record of acknowledgement.

Building a culture of ethical conduct:

Speeki empowers you to create a culture of ethical conduct within your organisation. The Code of Business Conduct & Ethics Receipt Acknowledgement template fosters employee awareness and understanding of your ethical expectations, promoting responsible decision-making throughout your company.

Ready to streamline your Code of Business Conduct & Ethics acknowledgement process?

Speeki's Code of Business Conduct & Ethics Receipt Acknowledgement template is a valuable tool for organisations committed to building a strong ethical foundation. Contact us today to learn more about how Speeki can streamline your ESG disclosures and empower your employees to uphold the highest ethical standards.

Together, let's create a work environment where ethical conduct is at the forefront.

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