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Support employees declaring conflicts of interest

This is an Employee Conflict of Interest Disclosure template. It helps businesses comply with ethical standards by gathering information on potential conflicts employees may have. It fulfills corporate governance requirements and promotes transparency.

Conflicts of interest
ESG disclosure
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  • Speeki offers a pre-built Conflict of Interest Disclosure for Employees template.
  • The template is a crucial part of the Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption (ABAC) programme.
  • It ensures transparency and helps mitigate risk.

Speeki empowers you to streamline the employee conflict of interest disclosure process while strengthening your ABAC efforts. Our user-friendly template allows for easy submission of disclosures, facilitating early identification of potential conflicts that could lead to bribery or corruption.

Benefits of Speeki's Conflict of Interest Disclosure for Employees Template:

  • Enhanced transparency: Promote transparency by encouraging open communication regarding potential conflicts of interest.
  • Reduced ABAC risk: Mitigate the risk of bribery and corruption by proactively identifying and addressing potential conflicts.
  • Improved compliance: Ensure compliance with relevant regulations and internal policies regarding conflicts of interest.
  • Stronger ABAC programme: This template strengthens your ABAC programme by fostering a culture of integrity and ethical conduct.

Speeki's disclosure features:

  • Pre-built disclosure questions: Guide employees through the disclosure process with clear and relevant questions.
  • Confidentiality safeguards: Ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information with Speeki's secure platform.
  • Automated reminders: Set automated reminders to ensure timely submission of disclosures by employees.
  • In-app chat: Use Speeki's built-in chat system to communicate and clarify questions with the disclosed person.

Building a culture of integrity:

Speeki simplifies the disclosure process for employees, encouraging them to proactively identify and report potential conflicts. This fosters a culture of integrity within your organisation and strengthens your overall ABAC programme.

Ready to enhance your ABAC programme and employee engagement?

Speeki's Conflict of Interest Disclosure for Employees template is a valuable tool for organisations committed to robust anti-corruption practices and ethical business conduct. Contact us today to learn more about how Speeki can streamline your ESG disclosures and empower your employees to uphold the highest ethical standards.

Together, let's build a work environment where employees feel comfortable reporting potential conflicts and actively participate in upholding ethical practices.

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