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Conduct a compliance review of your subsidiaries

The template is ideal for companies that want to gain a comprehensive understanding of their employees', managers', and other stakeholders' understanding of the company's compliance programme. By using this template, companies can identify areas where their compliance programme may need improvement and ensure it is aligned with industry best practices.

Conflicts of interest
ESG disclosure
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Gain a comprehensive understanding of your corporate compliance programme's effectiveness with Speeki's pre-built Corporate Compliance Review template.

Speeki empowers your compliance team to gather valuable feedback from employees, managers, and other relevant stakeholders. This multi-perspective approach helps assess if your compliance programme is well-communicated, understood, and adequately supports a culture of ethical conduct.

Benefits of Speeki's Corporate Compliance Review Template:

  • Multi-perspective assessment: Gain valuable insights from employees, managers, and stakeholders, providing a holistic view of compliance programme effectiveness.
  • Identify knowledge gaps: Pinpoint areas where employees or stakeholders may require additional training or clarification regarding compliance policies and procedures.
  • Improved programme effectiveness: Identify opportunities to enhance your programme based on feedback, ensuring its alignment with industry best practices and regulatory needs.
  • Demonstrated commitment: Showcase your commitment to ethical business practices by actively seeking feedback on your compliance programme.

Speeki's streamlined review features:

  • Customisable survey sections: Tailor specific sections for employees at different levels, managers, and stakeholders, addressing their unique perspectives on compliance.
  • Pre-built question bank: Leverage pre-drafted questions aligned with key compliance areas, adaptable to your industry and regulatory landscape.
  • Anonymous participation: Encourage honest feedback from all participants through an anonymous survey format.
  • Detailed reporting and analytics: Gain valuable insights through data visualisation and reporting tools to identify trends and prioritise improvements.

Building a culture of compliance:

Speeki empowers you to create a culture of compliance where everyone within your organisation understands and upholds your ethical standards. By fostering open communication and gathering feedback from various perspectives, you can identify areas for improvement and tailor your compliance programme for maximum effectiveness.

Ready to strengthen your compliance programme?

Speeki's Corporate Compliance Review Template is a valuable tool for organisations seeking to build a robust and effective compliance programme. Contact us today to learn more about how Speeki can streamline your ESG disclosures, gather multi-perspective feedback, and help you achieve compliance excellence.

Together, let's build a culture where ethical conduct and compliance are ingrained in every aspect of our business.

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