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Allow suppliers to confirm compliance annually

This is a Supplier Conflict of Interest Disclosure Template. It is used before entering a business partnership. Vendors disclose potential conflicts with your company's employees or board members to ensure ethical business practices. You could use it to comply with legal requirements and promote transparency in your supply chain.

Conflicts of interest
ESG disclosure
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Ensure transparency and mitigate risk throughout your supply chain with Speeki's pre-built Conflict of Interest Disclosure for Suppliers and Vendors template.

Speeki empowers you to streamline the disclosure process for your suppliers and vendors, strengthening your Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption (ABAC) programme. Our user-friendly template facilitates open communication and helps identify potential conflicts that could lead to bribery or corruption within your network.

Benefits of Speeki's Conflict of Interest Disclosure for Suppliers & Vendors Template:

  • Enhanced supply chain transparency: Promote transparency and ethical conduct throughout your supply chain by encouraging open communication regarding potential conflicts.
  • Reduced ABAC risk: Proactively identify and address potential conflicts with suppliers and vendors, mitigating the risk of bribery and corruption.
  • Improved compliance: Ensure compliance with relevant regulations and internal policies concerning conflicts of interest within your supply chain.
  • Stronger ABAC programme: This template strengthens your ABAC programme by extending best practices and ethical standards to your suppliers and vendors.

Speeki's disclosure features:

  • Pre-built disclosure questions: Guide suppliers and vendors through the disclosure process with clear and relevant questions tailored to potential conflicts in your industry.
  • Customisable access: Control access levels based on supplier or vendor type for streamlined disclosure requirements.
  • Secure online portal: Ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information with Speeki's secure platform designed for vendor and supplier data.
  • Automated reminders and notifications: Set automated reminders for both suppliers and your internal team to ensure timely submissions and efficient follow-up.
  • In-app chat: Use Speeki's built-in chat system to communicate and clarify questions with the disclosed person.

Building stronger supplier relationships:

Speeki simplifies the disclosure process for suppliers and vendors, fostering trust and transparency within your supply chain. This proactive approach strengthens your ABAC programme and promotes ethical business practices throughout your network.

Ready to enhance your ABAC programme and supply chain integrity?

Speeki's Conflict of Interest Disclosure for Suppliers and Vendors template is a valuable tool for organisations committed to robust anti-corruption practices and ethical sourcing. Contact us today to learn more about how Speeki can streamline your ESG disclosures, mitigate risk within your supply chain, and build stronger relationships with your suppliers and vendors.

Together, let's create a more ethical and transparent business environment throughout the supply chain.

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