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Manage gifts, travel and entertainment approval requests

This disclosure form template is for Gift, Travel & Entertainment Approval. Anyone in the company should use it before accepting gifts, meals, or travel from business associates (e.g., clients, vendors and government associates). Get approval to avoid policy violations and ensure ethical business practices. Submit ASAP if accepted unexpectedly due to cultural reasons.

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Ensure transparency and compliance with Speeki's user-friendly GTE approval request template.

Speeki empowers your employees and stakeholders to efficiently submit GTE requests while adhering to your company's policies. Our template streamlines the approval process, fostering transparency and mitigating potential risks associated with gifts, travel, and entertainment.

When to use Speeki's GTE approval request template:

  • Accepting or offering gifts, travel, or entertainment that exceeds a pre-defined spending threshold.
  • When a legitimate business reason necessitates accepting a gift or entertainment that could be perceived as offensive or culturally insensitive to decline.
  • Accepting a gift or entertainment unexpectedly (e.g., cultural situation). In this case, submit the request as soon as possible for proper gift disposition.

Benefits of Speeki's GTE approval request template:

  • Streamlined process: Simplify GTE request submissions with a user-friendly online form.
  • Enhanced transparency: Promote transparency by recording and documenting all GTE requests and approvals.
  • Reduced risk: Mitigate potential risks associated with improper GTE practices by ensuring pre-approval for applicable scenarios.
  • Improved efficiency: Save time and resources with a streamlined approval workflow.

Speeki's GTE approval features:

  • Pre-built request form: Capture all relevant details about the GTE request, including type of expense, purpose, recipient, and estimated cost.
  • Automated routing: Route requests to the appropriate decision-makers for swift review and approval.
  • Policy integration: Flag potential policy violations based on pre-defined spending thresholds and departmental restrictions.
  • Detailed audit trail: Maintain a clear audit trail of all GTE requests and approvals for record-keeping purposes.

Building a culture of ethical conduct:

Speeki empowers your organisation to foster a culture of ethical conduct by promoting transparency and compliance in GTE practices. Our GTE Approval Request template facilitates informed decision-making and helps ensure all GTE activities align with your company's policies.

Ready to streamline your GTE approvals?

Speeki's GTE Approval Request template is a valuable tool for organisations seeking to uphold ethical standards and ensure transparency in all business dealings. Contact us today to learn more about how Speeki can streamline your ESG disclosures and empower your employees to make informed decisions regarding GTE activities.

Together, let's build a business environment where ethical conduct and responsible spending are at the forefront.

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