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Collect disclosures from your global sales team

This online Sales Disclosure Form tracks exchanges of value during sales. Complete it if anything (gifts, discounts, etc.) was offered to influence or secure a sale. This ensures transparency and compliance with anti-bribery regulations. Use it before finalising any sale where an exchange of value has occurred.

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Ensure transparency and compliance with Speeki's user-friendly Sales Disclosure Template.

Speeki empowers your sales team to efficiently document and disclose any instances where something of value was exchanged during a sales transaction. This promotes transparency and mitigates the risk of improper sales practices that could influence or unfairly advantage a particular party.

When to Use Speeki's Sales Disclosure Template:

·      Anything of value was exchanged between your company and a potential or existing customer during the sales process.

·      The exchanged item or service could be perceived as influencing or completing the sale in a way that's not standard business practice.

This could include, but is not limited to:

  • Cash or cash equivalents (gift cards, pre-paid cards)
  • Travel or entertainment expenses
  • Gifts exceeding a pre-defined threshold
  • Donations to charities or organisations affiliated with the customer

Benefits of Speeki's Sales Disclosure Template:

  • Enhanced transparency: Promote transparency by recording and documenting all instances where something of value is exchanged during a sales transaction.
  • Reduced risk: Mitigate the risk of accusations of bribery or improper sales practices by ensuring clear disclosure.
  • Improved compliance: Ensure adherence to internal company policies and relevant regulations concerning sales ethics.
  • Stronger customer relationships: Build trust and stronger relationships with customers by fostering a culture of transparency and ethical conduct.

Speeki's sales disclosure features:

  • Pre-built disclosure form: Capture all relevant details about the disclosed item or service, including type, value, recipient, and purpose.
  • Automated reminders: Set reminders for sales representatives to submit disclosures promptly after any exchange of value.
  • Internal review workflow: Facilitate internal review and approval of disclosures by designated personnel.
  • Detailed audit trail: Maintain a clear audit trail of all disclosures for record-keeping and compliance purposes.
  • In-app chat: Use Speeki's built-in chat system to communicate and clarify questions with the disclosed person.

Building a culture of ethical sales:

Speeki empowers your sales team to operate ethically and fosters a culture of transparency within your organisation. Our Sales Disclosure Template encourages responsible sales practices and helps mitigate potential risks associated with improper sales tactics.

Ready to strengthen your sales ethics?

Speeki's Sales Disclosure template is a valuable tool for organisations committed to ethical sales practices and building trust with customers. Contact us today to learn more about how Speeki can streamline your ESG disclosures and empower your sales team to uphold the highest ethical standards.

Together, let's build a more transparent and ethical sales environment for everyone.

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