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Onboard your suppliers with ease

Speeki's pre-built Supplier Onboarding Questionnaire streamlines gathering essential information from new suppliers, speeding up onboarding and ensuring compliance. This online tool benefits both businesses and suppliers: businesses gain faster onboarding, improved risk management, and verified compliance; suppliers experience a smoother process and demonstrate their commitment to ethical practices.

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Ensure a smooth and efficient onboarding process with Speeki's pre-built Supplier Onboarding Questionnaire.

Speeki empowers your organisation to gather all essential information from potential suppliers upfront, facilitating a faster and more informed onboarding process. This questionnaire streamlines data collection and ensures your suppliers meet your compliance and ethical standards.

Benefits of Speeki's Supplier Onboarding Questionnaire:

  • Faster onboarding: Gather critical information upfront, minimising delays and facilitating a quicker onboarding process.
  • Enhanced compliance: Ensure suppliers meet regulatory requirements and align with your anti-corruption policies.
  • Improved risk management: Identify potential risks early on and make informed decisions regarding supplier selection.
  • Streamlined communication: Gather all information in a centralised location for easy access and reference.

Speeki's questionnaire features:

  • Pre-built sections: Structured sections covering company details, registration information, operational locations, ownership structure, and anti-corruption practices.
  • Customisation options: Tailor the questionnaire to include industry-specific questions and adjust for different supplier types.
  • Document upload functionality: Allow suppliers to upload relevant documents (e.g., registration certificates) directly within the platform.
  • Progress tracking and reminders: Monitor supplier progress and send automated reminders to ensure timely completion.
  • Detailed reports and analytics: Gain insights into supplier data for informed decision-making throughout the onboarding process.

Why complete this questionnaire?

This questionnaire plays a crucial role in establishing a strong foundation for your supplier relationships. By providing accurate and comprehensive information, you help us expedite the onboarding process and build a collaborative partnership. It also demonstrates your commitment to transparent business practices and ethical conduct.

Who should complete this questionnaire?

This questionnaire is intended for representatives authorised to provide information on behalf of your company. This typically includes individuals from your legal, finance, and compliance departments.

Let's Get Started!

Speeki's user-friendly questionnaire makes it easy for your suppliers to provide the necessary information. With its comprehensive features and streamlined process, you can achieve a faster and more efficient supplier onboarding experience.

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