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Assess diversity, equity and inclusion in your supply chain

Businesses use Speeki's Supplier Workplace DEI Assessment to evaluate their suppliers' commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). This online questionnaire gathers data on workforce demographics, inclusion practices, and legal issues. It helps organisations improve supply chain transparency, manage DEI risks, and promote collaboration on building a more inclusive business environment. Businesses can demonstrate their commitment to DEI and suppliers can showcase their efforts towards a diverse workforce.

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Measure and improve diversity, equity, and inclusion within your supply chain with Speeki's pre-built Supplier Workplace DEI Assessment.

Speeki empowers your organisation to assess your suppliers' commitment to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. This comprehensive questionnaire gathers key data on workforce demographics, representation across different levels of the organisation, and legal proceedings related to employment discrimination.

Benefits of Speeki's supplier workplace DEI assessment:

  • Enhanced supply chain transparency: Gain valuable insights into your suppliers' workforce composition and commitment to DEI principles.
  • Improved risk management: Identify potential DEI-related risks within your supply chain and take necessary steps for mitigation.
  • Stronger supplier collaboration: Encourage your suppliers to adopt DEI best practices and contribute to a more inclusive business ecosystem.
  • Demonstrate your DEI commitment: Showcase your dedication to creating a diverse and equitable supply chain by evaluating supplier performance.

Speeki's questionnaire features:

  • Pre-built question bank: Leverage pre-drafted questions tailored to assess workforce demographics (gender, race/ethnicity, etc.) across different employee levels (entry-level, management, executive), policies promoting diversity and inclusion, training programmes on unconscious bias and fair hiring practices, and legal proceedings associated with employment discrimination.
  • Customisation options: Tailor the questionnaire to address specific industry needs and align with relevant DEI standards.
  • Data security and privacy: Speeki ensures all data is collected and stored securely with appropriate anonymisation protocols in place.
  • Detailed reporting and analytics: Gain valuable insights through data visualisation and reporting tools to track supplier performance on DEI and inform your decisions.

Building a more inclusive supply chain

Speeki empowers you to build a more inclusive supply chain by partnering with organisations that prioritise DEI. Our Supplier Workplace DEI Assessment helps you identify areas for improvement and encourages your suppliers to create diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces. Together, you can foster a more just and responsible business environment.

Ready to champion DEI in your supply chain?

Speeki's Supplier Workplace DEI Assessment is a valuable tool for organisations seeking to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout their supply chain. Contact us today to learn more about how Speeki can streamline your ESG disclosures, assess supplier performance on DEI, and drive collaborative efforts towards a more inclusive business landscape.

Together, let's create a supply chain where diverse voices are heard, valued, and empowered to thrive.

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