Speeki for human resources professionals

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Speeki for human resources professionals

Speeki is a platform built specifically to allow companies to hear all voices. It was designed to support teams managing people to hear the voices of those people – as well as other stakeholders – and to take action.

Speeki supports the ongoing dialogue that should be happening between employees, managers, executives and leaders, but often doesn’t (whether that is by design, because of limited capacity, or because of the clear power difference between the ‘rank and file’ and management).

Speeki allows companies and organisations to give a voice to their executives, their employees and their suppliers by allowing them to connect to the company using the Speeki app on their own device. Free from any app store, the app enables any user to voice to a company that subscribes to the Speeki service. They may be using that voice to report an issue around a product, a safety concern, or the mistreatment of a customer or an employee. Or they might want to report a true ‘whistleblowing’ issue, if they have observed or heard about something that they have to tell management about but are fearful to do that directly.

Speeki allows people to use the app anonymously, yet supports ongoing dialogue and follow-up with the reporter, so that they can see the progress of the issue that they raised and feel comfortable that it is being resolved. For any human-resources professional who truly wants to hear all voices, the Speeki platform is the right answer for employee engagement, stakeholder management and compliance.

Ten reasons why Speeki is the right solution for human resources

  1. Speeki can be implemented and running in a matter of hours.
  2. Speeki is free to use for all reporters and there are no restrictions on its usage for those giving feedback, messages or reports.
  3. Speeki can be used for a raft of issues, and you can decide how things are grouped and classified.
  4. Speeki is cost effective and you only pay for your admin access – not for the number of employees or suppliers that use it.
  5. Speeki can be accessed via the Speeki app or web portal or by using a phone number.
  6. Speeki speaks and recognises over 100 languages and can be released globally almost instantly.
  7. Speeki is secure. All data is hosted in secure encrypted services accessible via secure connections, and can be hosted in multiple regions of your choice.
  8. Speeki supports anonymity and allows for reporters to be anonymous but still follow up with questions and status checking.
  9. Speeki is implemented quickly with zero software downloads, installation or complex setups. Our global support team guides you on implementation, offers additional help for triaging issues, and kicks off and manages reviews of matters when they come into your platform.
  10. Speeki is cost effective, with companies spending only a small amount per year for a very clever system that offers so much. Packages start as low as only a few thousand dollars per year.

Speeki: take no chances, hear all voices

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