Discover Speeki Survey and enhance your speak-up culture

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Discover Speeki Survey and enhance your speak-up culture

Can you easily connect with your internal and external stakeholders? Or do you rely on a lot of complicated methods that maybe don’t allow direct and honest communication?

Companies need to ensure the continuous improvement and success of their compliance initiatives and strengthen their speak-up cultures by reaching out to all stakeholders in their ecosystems – employees, customers and third parties – to effectively hear all voices.

A key factor of a successful speak-up culture is ensuring that people can provide feedback without the fear of retaliation, and surveys are one of the most valuable tools for collecting that feedback. Traditional survey methods require a respondent's email address so they can be emailed links to surveys or can log in to a portal. While we may have become accustomed to this, it is by no means the best option.

Due to retaliation concerns and fears of being exposed, it is becoming a necessity to allow full anonymity. This allows respondents the opportunity to voice their opinions and express themselves honestly, knowing that their responses cannot be used against them in any way.

That is why Speeki created a tool that allows our customers to reach target audiences without specifying user accounts, giving stakeholders peace of mind that their voices are getting heard while their identity remains secure.

Speeki Survey is an add-on service that allows customers to enrich their compliance programmes by reaching out to all types of stakeholders – not only employees, but also resellers, suppliers, freelancers etc. – and because we don’t charge per employee or respondent, you won’t pay extra for this.

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With Speeki Survey, which can be integrated into the Speeki app, you can run over 100 surveys at the same time. There are 20 standard question types as default, and you get 2GB of space for customised templates (for surveys, that’s a lot!). And because Speeki Survey is app-based, data on survey progress and results is synchronised every five minutes for real-time feedback.

Just like with any other Speeki product, Speeki Survey can be set up and ready to use within four hours for existing Messaging clients. It is available in two applications for customers’ users (mobile and web), and allows 10,000+ respondents.

Speeki Survey reinforces our belief that the best companies have people at the heart of their operations, offering not only a ‘survey toolbox’, but also the ability to engage with employees and stakeholders while allowing them to maintain anonymity.

To find out more about this tool and what else Speeki Survey can do, click here.