Speeki Sustainability Score™

A ratings and scoring system for ESG & Sustainability with substance.


Speeki's solution for ESG & Sustainability ratings and scoring is the Speeki Sustainability Score™.

Speeki provides detailed assessments with respect to several key ESG & Sustainability areas.

Speeki Sustainability Score™ is a testing and scorecard solution for you to test your key ESG & Sustainability areas. You can use the Speeki Sustainability Score™ solution for your own company or require that your supply chain complete the process. Speeki Sustainability Score™ consists of several web-based assessments.  Based on the results of these assessments - Speeki issues a Speeki Sustainability Score™.

There are over 20 different assessments available from Speeki, each of which can generate a separate Speeki Sustainability Score™.

ESG Ratings solution with sample report.

What is Speeki Sustainability Score™?

Speeki Sustainability Score™ is a scoring and rating solution based on the completion of an online assessments to test and scorecard ESG & Sustainability.

You complete any or all of the assessments at any time and receive a Speeki Sustainability Score™ and scorecard for each of the assessments completed with guidance on how you can address any shortcomings.

Use the Speeki Sustainability Score™ for your own company or require it of your suppliers.

Ask your suppliers to complete an online assessment as part of their qualification process. Your supplier will be issued with a Speeki Sustainability Score™ giving you a data point on their ESG & Sustainability level.

Companies that support their suppliers in developing an ESG & Sustainability system can provide their suppliers with free or near-free access to the Speeki Sustainability Score™ platform.

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What are the results from an assessment and what is the Speeki Sustainability Score™?

Speeki Sustainability Score™


A highly-regarded assessment that shows the supplier is just starting or part-way through the development of their ESG and sustainability process

  • The area being tested requires more time to fully develop.

  • 50 – 69% is the range to be awarded a Silver Speeki Sustainability Score™


Speeki Sustainability Score™


An excellent assessment where nearly all ESG and sustainability systems are in place showing strong comfort that key areas are well managed.

  • The area being tested is working reasonably well with a few areas to focus.

  • 70 – 89% is the range to be awarded a Gold Speeki Sustainability Score™




An exemplary assessment that shows the supplier has a very strong ESG and sustainability assessment in place.

  • The area being tested is well advanced and working very smoothly.

  • >90% is the range to be awarded a Platinum Speeki Sustainability Score™


You can obtain a Speeki Sustainability Score™ against all or some of the below topics

Bribery and corruption

Failure to manage bribery and corruption risks can lead to significant consequences, such as large fines, reputational damage, and internal and external investigations – just to name a few. Obtaining a Speeki Sustainability Score™ is a simple method to help you and your supplier to understand where you need to build or further enhance an anti-bribery programme.


Failure to provide whistleblowing support can lead not only to fines and debarments from public procurement, but also to failures with your other compliance programmes that need the feedback from reporters. A Speeki Sustainability Score™ will give confidence to you and your supplier that they understand that a whistleblowing programme is more than just a tool and that they will take concerns raised seriously.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Failure to manage diversity, equity and inclusion risks can lead to reputational damage and difficulty in hiring and retaining staff. With a Speeki Sustainability Score™, your supplier can show what their current position is in relation to diversity, equity and inclusion, and what concrete steps (if any) they are making to improve that position.

Human rights and modern-day slavery

Failure to manage human rights risks can lead to reputational damage, significant fines, debarments from public procurement, and internal and external investigations. With Speeki Sustainability Score™ assessments, your supplier will be able to explain to you what they are doing, both internally and within their own supply chain, to promote human rights and avoid modern-day slavery.


Effective compliance programmes protect business and the return on investment could be significant, helping to avoid waste, fraud, abuse, discrimination, and many other practices that disrupt operations and put a company at risk. A Speeki Sustainability Score™ will help your supplier understand whether you have the ability to implement a strong, appropriate, risk-based compliance programme that will accelerate their growth, help them manage compliance and reduce your risks of them as your supplier.

Supply chain and partner management

Supply chain and partner management is essential for the efficient and sustainable running of any business that uses third parties to either source or distribute its products and services. Your supplier completing a Speeki Sustainability Score™ assessment will help your supplier focus their resources on identified gaps to ensure awareness and avoidance of supply chain issues, delivering value for all stakeholders, including to you.

Health and safety

A lack of consideration for health and safety can increase absenteeism and negligence claims, affecting workplace productivity and morale.  It may also lead to a supplier's inability to produce you with products and services. With a Speeki Sustainability Score™ your supplier will identify gaps in their health and safety programme and demonstrate to you their practice in this area.

Data privacy and information security

The protection and access of an individual’s private data is growing in importance as new international laws come into effect. Your supplier completing a Speeki Sustainability Score™ will allow your supplier and you to see the gaps in their data protection programme and gain insight into both the technical and legal aspects of how they are managing privacy.

Speeki ESG


  • Climate Stability
  • Natural Resources
  • Waste Management
  • Energy Innovation
Speeki ESG


  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Human Rights and Modern-Day Slavery
  • Health and Safety
  • Data Privacy and Information Security
  • Society
  • Supply Chain and Partner Management
  • Human Capital Management
Speeki ESG


  • Compliance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Bribery and Corruption
  • Whistleblowing
  • Transparency
  • Risk Management
  • Board
  • Ethics and Integrity

Obtaining a Speeki Sustainability Score™ adds value to any company.

A Speeki Sustainability Score™ adds significant value to your qualification process. It also provides you with a report and scorecard and the ability to see where they need to improve. You are encouraged to improve and resubmit your assessments annually with any updated information.

Your Speeki Sustainability Score™ provides direct guidance, answers, and improvement steps.

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Objectivity and credibility

Being external to your qualification team we can provide expert guidance and advice. Our experts provide a perspective that is free from internal biases.

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Expertise and experience

We are experts in ESG & Sustainability. The Speeki Sustainability Score™ is one that is substantive and substance over form, allowing your team to focus on other matters.

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Resource management

If you are managing suppliers and would like a supplier to obtain a Speeki Sustainability Score™ you will free up time in qualification by relying on our qualification of ESG and sustainability issues.

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Risk mitigation

The better you and your suppliers manage their ESG risks, the better you can manage your business. Managing ESG risks is a key part of your enterprise risk management strategy.

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Continual improvement

Speeki Sustainability Score™ provides feedback and recommendations that assist you to improve.

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Validation of internal controls

Speeki Sustainability Score™ reviews your key documents including your internal controls. It is more than just a 'does it exist' exercise, but more of a substantive review.

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Increased transparency

Engaging external experts can help companies enhance transparency  to stakeholders by showing their commitment to upholding ESG standards throughout their operations.

What is the value of using Speeki Sustainability Score™ as part of your qualification of suppliers?

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    Demonstration to all stakeholder groups of tangible commitment to mitigating governance, compliance, and ESG-related risks.

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    Scorecards are provided for each of the different  ESG initiatives completed by the supplier – independent analysis of key ESG risk areas and confidential results, the publication of which you and your supplier control.

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    A scorecard and accompanying stamp at the end of every successful assessment process for your supplier to display as a sign of their ESG initiatives and good governance.

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    Recognition from Speeki as a leader in ESG and sustainability and supplier qualification.

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    Detailed guidelines of what can be done to continuously improve ESG programmes.

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    Analysis and summary that explain what the results mean and guidance for improvement.

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    Reduced time and labour – results in a few days. Savings from not needing to dedicate a team for the duration of the process can be reinvested in core business activities.

Speeki Sustainability Score™ features

  • Immediate setup.

    Following purchase of an assessment in the Speeki Sustainability Score™ Portal, invitation emails will be sent kicking off the assessment process. The assessments are online, ready to go and are easily accessible.  

  • Easy document upload.

    You can drag and drop documents and images as needed to support answers in the online questionnaire. Speeki Speeki Sustainability Score™ assessments do require you to provide evidence, not just tick 'yes' to questions.

  • We hand-hold through the process.

    We have support available to help you through the process. Our team will answer any questions the supplier has and get them through the process as quickly as possible.

  • Many topics are available for purchase based on your organisation’s focus.

    You can complete multiple assessments based on a range of 'higher risk' areas. These areas can be generated based on a risk assessment, and, for suppliers, the Speeki Path™ results which provides a guide on what areas might be important to a particular supplier.

  • Collaboration with multiple teams

    You can engage multiple teams throughout your organisation to help answer the online questionnaire. It may be that they have to engage different people to answer different questions.

  • A scorecard is produced for every assessment

    Use the scorecard to see how you are performing in the assessment. Use the scorecard to improve their performance and drive improvements in your ESG & Sustainability systems.

  • Fair assessment and score

    The Speeki Speeki Sustainability Score™ assessment and scoring process is robust. Part automation and part human expert evaluation. We review and look at the documents uploaded and provide expert analysis on their systems.

  • Share and communicate your achievements

    Your are free to communicate internally and externally their scorecard results. That is entirely up to you.

The benefits to you if your supplier gains a
Speeki Sustainability Score™

Market their ESG indicators to their customers

Your supplier can give their customers the comfort they are managing their ESG and sustainability risks and opportunities effectively by benchmarking against international best practices.

Demonstrate their commitment to ESG programme improvement

Your supplier can develop and maintain trust in their brand and business through measuring their current ESG-related position against ESG objectives and continuously improve their programme where needed.

Determine their position against expected best practice

Part audit, part self-assessment, Speeki Sustainability Score™ enables organisations to assess their ESG position based on an evidence-based scoring methodology and the organisation’s own inputs and supporting documentation.

Effectively reduce your risk of fines, breaches, and infringements

Be confident through independent verification that your supplier has lowered their risks of non-compliance with ESG issues and therefore has reduced your exposure as well.

Confirm your supplier's ESG without building in-house teams.

Each Speeki Sustainability Score™ is determined by our experts. You don't need to hire experts across multiple areas into your procurement or supplier teams. We can manage this for you.

Gain insights and clear guidelines

Obtain a comprehensive assessment of the supplier's environmental, social and governance systems. They can use the provided feedback and indicators to improve their performance and plan next steps based on international best practices.


How is a Speeki Sustainability Score™ different from a ratings agency that rates a company's ESG?

  • Focused areas and topics

    A Speeki Sustainability Score™ is not just one 'ESG assessment'. It is 19 different assessments across multiple areas. It breaks ESG and sustainability into separate areas and forms an assessment across specific areas.

  • Feedback to the supplier is given

    Most ratings are simply that. A rating. Speeki Sustainability Score™ is different. Speeki Sustainability Score™ gives something of value to you and the supplier. Some actionable feedback based on expert guidance.

  • Engagement with the supplier directly

    Most ratings agency never engage with the company. They just scrape the data from the internet and make an automated assessment. Speeki Sustainability Score™ engages with the supplier and works with them to get the most information possible into their assessment.

  • Not just based on web crawling

    Ratings agencies use public data that is on websites. That is not always realistic as most companies do not share this sort of information publicly.  Speeki Sustainability Score™ does not scrape information. The assessment is completed, documents uploaded, evidence reviewed and reported upon.

  • Documentation and evidence based

    Speeki Sustainability Score™ involves the review of policies, procedures, stakeholder assessments, dashboards and other information uploaded by the supplier. The Speeki Sustainability Score™ process is documentation based not based on hollow boxes ticked on web forms.

  • Get a scorecard with guidance

    Most ratings agencies are driven by their customer subscriber and their ability to materialise revenue from the collected data. The Speeki Sustainability Score™ process is driven on building a better supplier that manages their risk better to reduce your risk and improve their planet.

  • Public results at your supplier's decision

    Speeki does not publish the results of Speeki Sustainability Score™ unless specifically requested by the Supplier on which the assessment was made. It is entirely the supplier's decision.

  • Expertise in Speeki adds significant value

    Speeki Sustainability Score™ is delivered by the experts at Speeki. We are not a ratings agency nor a technology company. We use technology to support our experts in providing our solutions.

What sort of supplier can you refer to obtain a Speeki Sustainability Score™?

  • Companies of all sizes, from small and medium to large.

  • Organisations looking to benchmark their ESG and sustainability initiatives, whether related to carbon capture, waste management, natural resources, privacy, information security, anti-bribery, general compliance, whistleblowing, diversity, equity and inclusion, corporate governance, or other ESG and sustainability related areas.

  • Organisations seeking comprehensive yet simple and affordable solutions to assess, verify, and demonstrate excellence in, and commitment to, their ESG initiatives.

  • Organisations desiring clear guidelines on how to start and improve their ESG programmes without disrupting business.

  • Organisations looking to confirm that their ESG efforts are effective and are using global best practices.

  • Organisations that are looking to enrich their relationship with their suppliers.

What are some areas that are covered by Speeki Sustainability Score™ ?

Privacy and use of personal data

  • If your supplier has access to your employee information or your customer information, you need to assess their data privacy programme.

  • You need to establish exactly how your supplier is using your data, what controls they have in place to use it appropriately and ensure compliance.

  • Using the Speeki Sustainability Score™ data privacy assessment process Speeki will gather the essential information of that programme, review it, assess it and provide a scorecard result.

why does your business need a rating?

Waste production and recycling

  • If your company is tracking waste and recycling, then you need to know what your supplier is doing about these issues. The Speeki Sustainability Score™ assessment for 'Waste Management' will collect the information on their programme and conduct a scorecard.

  • You can use some of the information provided to Speeki Sustainability Score™ to decide if additional contractual controls are needed to drive certain levels of performance in their programme. Our Speeki OnBoard™ products which provide redrafted provisions for inclusion into contracts might be your next step in the process.


Carbon usage and management

In today's fast paced changes in energy and carbon management, for some suppliers (but not all), knowledge about their carbon management initiatives will be of utmost importance. Use Speeki Sustainability Score™ to collect this information as part of the supplier assessment.

speeki ratings

Employees and their safe workplace

Increase feelings of value as a part of a company that has a strong compliance culture and good governance in addressing workplace issues are critical.

You can use Speeki Sustainability Score™ assessments to test workplace health and safety, discrimination, human rights, modern-day slavery and other areas in your suppliers.

speeki ratings

What makes Speeki Sustainability Score™ different a survey system with tick boxes?

We think that a Speeki Sustainability Score™ makes sense for a company to see how they are doing and take steps to improve their ESG.

A questionnaire that asks questions of a supplier is:

- normally one way and gives no response to the supplier
- does not provide any feedback or direction to the supplier
- is rarely looked at in any detail by the supplier qualification department
- is rarely critically assessed by experts in ESG topic areas
- often lacks questions that are relevant and useful according to known risk areas
- asks too many questions on areas that are not relevant to that particular supplier

Using Speeki Sustainability Score™ assessments are a practical and appropriate way to manage risk in your supply chain.

What makes Speeki different?

How the Speeki Sustainability Score™ works for supplier qualification on ESG and sustainability issues.

  • You or your supplier can select one or multiple topics on various ESG and sustainability-related topics

  • The system supports a supplier completing the Speeki Sustainability Score™ assessments using multiple resources at multiple times.

  • User-friendly platform and interface allows suppliers to upload and provide evidence to their responses.

  • The system provides clear instructions and examples to help the supplier respond to each assessment point.

  • The Supplier Speeki Sustainability Score™ methodology ensures the assessment is comprehensive and evidence-based.

  • Scoring and weighting methodology developed by industry experts (silver, gold, and platinum).

  • Summary analysis of the scorecard whose content depends on the supplier’s performance and highlights potential strengths and weaknesses in their programme.

  • Ability to showcase your scorecard and achievements to you and their other stakeholders.

  • Verified and clear guidelines for each requirement or question:

Excellent (E):

Your organisation is mastering the item or topic. The supporting evidence meets or goes beyond recognised best practices.

Satisfactory (S):

The item or topic is addressed and supporting evidence demonstrates comprehensive initiatives. Improvements can always be made; one step away from excellence.

Needs improvement (NI):

The item or topic is addressed, but is either lacking supporting evidence or needs improvement in terms of consistency, formalism, and review.

Not Addressed / Requires Action (RA):

The item or topic and supporting evidence do not fulfil minimum requirements or recognised expectations.

Not Applicable (NA):

The item or topic is not applicable to the organisation.

Speeki Sustainability Score™ is for you as well as a solution for supplier onboarding

Check out Speeki Path™, our product to risk rate suppliers, Speeki Trust™, our background check service, Speeki OnBoard™, our contracting solution and Speeki Partner Integrity™, our audit solution for suppliers.


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